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Tips to consider when choosing a wedding invitation

Choosing to have a wedding invitation can cause fear similar to selecting the right wedding dress. This is because the first feeling will last a lifetime, and invitations tend to bring out the ideal theme and tone of the wedding. It will also become an unforgettable experience for your mother-in-law. Some of the tips to consider when making a wedding invitation include:

Determine your colors


It is crucial to consider the colors for your wedding too. One might desire to incorporate a motif and colors in their wedding invitation and carry both of them to the remaining wedding paper which includes either ceremony programs, menu cards or escort cards. This forms a more unifying appearance. Contrary to choosing a formal white, cream or ivory card paired with gold or black font, you could consider having a brighter look comprising of metallic or colorful font, liners, envelopes and paper stock. However, it is essential to consider readability when selecting the colors.

Make invitations legible

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It is good to consider the text equally as the patterns and colors. This is because the information in the card is the reason for sending it to guests. You can choose to seek help from a stationer in your locality. However, avoid dark ink on dark backgrounds and light ink on light backgrounds. Pastels and yellow are usually difficult to read. Therefore, if you decide to go with them, it is crucial to ensure the background contrasts well for the letters to remain visible or incorporate the colors into the design instead of the text. Additionally, beware of text that is difficult to read such as an extreme scripted typeface.

Avoid overcrowding the wedding card


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Write down only the important points on your wedding invitation card. This includes the RSVP information, dress code (optional), and the names of the couple, the hosts, location and time of the event. The attempt to squeeze a lot of information onto the card can make it difficult to read hence not elegant. Leave out details concerning post-wedding activities for your website or have them printed on separate enclosed cards as well as directions to your wedding location. The place that you got registered should not belong anywhere on a person’s suite. The wedding website is the only acceptable place to write any information regarding registry.

Have your dates right

The RSVP information should be included on the bottom right corner of the card or a separate enclosure. It is also important to ensure that the deadline does not extend to more than three or four weeks after the invitations have been given to the guests.

It is advisable for an individual to purchase a sample of the invitation before deciding to make an order. This allows you to see the quality of the invitation card before making a large order. Viewing the product makes the whole difference.

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6 thoughts on “Tips to consider when choosing a wedding invitation

  1. Great!! Also alarming them that actually viewing a product can make all the difference, physically see the quality of the invitation before placing a large order.

  2. I have always liked the simple look. When I get a wedding invitation, which seems to happen each summer, I look at the detail and am usually amazed by it!

  3. I have been working out the details for our wedding, and need to start working on our invitations. I like how you elaborated that when it comes to designing them that one thing to consider is our colors. It will be nice to have them match our wedding theme, and make it appear to be unified.

  4. My little sister is getting married soon and she asked me to help her design and choose her wedding invitations, so I am glad that I found this article. I appreciate that you say to determine your colors because my sister will want her wedding colors to be the core colors for the invitations. Also, it is very interesting that you say to avoid making the wedding card overcrowded by squeezing in too much information because I want everyone to be able to read the information easily.

  5. I totally agree on not to overcrowd your wedding invitation with information and design. I’ve seen a few of these over the years and indeed placing a lot of information can be confusing and you tend to miss some details in the end. Great tips to keep in mind!

  6. I love how you talked about dates and making sure that you have the RSVP information correct so no miscommunications happen. My best friend is getting married here in Richmond, VA and we need to start making invitations and she asked me to help her and her soon-to-be husband find the best kind. We will keep these tips in mind as we search for a professional to make our invitations.

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