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First things to do after you are Engaged


planningDo we see you admiring the lovely ring on your finger after saying “Yes” to the man of your dreams? CONGRATULATIONS! You are officially engaged! Isn’t it exciting thinking of your upcoming wedding? As the bride-to-be, you will have a busy, but fun time ahead.

Don’t be surprised if you suddenly feel confused. What do you do next? Are you overwhelmed with what to do and where to begin, now that the inevitable has happened? Don’t worry, we can help you get there. Here are the first few things that you should do once you are engaged, and the rest will simply fall into place.

Break the news to near and dear ones, and begin thinking of a wedding date

Great news like this should first be celebrated with the most important people in your life. Share the news with your parents and close friends and let them have a glimpse of the ring that seals your love. The obvious question that the two of you can expect at this meeting is, “ When will the wedding be?” That is because, it is time to think about it, which brings us to the next point.

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Think about your wedding; start planning the place, date, time, and everything else

Now that you know you are getting married, how do you want to do it and when? Would you prefer to be wed at your local church, or can you afford an exotic destination wedding? Do you want an outdoor reception, or a stylish indoor venue? You’ll have to plan the time of year, and shortlist a couple of days in order of preference, so it’s easier to get the venue, caterers, photographers and band on any one of these days. At this time, discuss your thoughts about the perfect wedding with your partner, check out books and photos, and then begin organizing everything to make these dreams a reality.

Time to budget

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You now know what your wedding should be like. Now, it is time to decide how big or how small you want it to be and budget accordingly. A rough idea at this point will help you plan the rest of the details . If your families are contributing, you can ask them how much and figure it into the budget. Also, draft a guest list, and calculate the cost that this will translate into. Budget for individual components such as the wedding dress, venue cost, photographer etc, so you know how much you can spare on each and stick to it.

Plan your wedding look, and begin your dress search

This is perhaps the most exciting part of all the planning—deciding how you will look at your lifetime event. Remember that you may have to look through hundreds of wedding dress pictures to filter the ones to try on. Wedding shopping takes a long time, so be prepared. Plan early, find the boutique that carries your choice of dresses, and book your appointment. This will help you choose your wedding dress at a relaxed pace, find time for alterations and be ready in time for your big day.

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2 thoughts on “First things to do after you are Engaged

  1. Thank you. Thats such a lovely list. I am engaged and he’s Nigerian the tradition’s are heavy lol. We gonna have a date planning next month together with our parents.

  2. You get on a wild roller coaster and you enjoy it! 🙂

    These are good tips if you want to make sure you get everything done right, thanks for sharing.

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