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Black And White – Stunning Bridal Dresses With A Touch Of Contrast

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Bold, daring and graphical, bridal dresses that mix pure, lustrous white with a touch of stark contrast are guaranteed to dazzle your friends and family.

Designed to evoke the same beauty and elegance as Audrey Hepburn’s unforgettable black-and-white “race day” ensemble in My Fair Lady, black and white wedding gowns add a touch of ladylike, couture-inspired style to any woman’s wedding day look.

Accessorizing the look

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To flatter this type of bridal dress, go all out and accessorize with hats or veils that mimic the spirit of your unique black and white wedding gown.  Jewelry with jet stones, marcasite, pearls, diamonds, and onyx will be perfect for luxurious chokers or drop earrings with black and white details – you may even want to find bridal rings that highlight your gown’s stunning and original design!

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Hair can be full or sleek – however, it should probably have some vintage elements (such as chignons on the nape of the neck, or up-dos designed with rollers and lots of volume at the crown). Keep makeup ultra-classic for the best results – although these gowns are graphical, their visual impact is still refined and genteel – to keep the look cohesive, use a lip color that provides contrast against your skin – shocking pink, ultraviolet, or cherry red will work well. If paler lips are desired, go for bubblegum pink, and always look for creamier, more pigmented lipsticks – this is not the time for sheer, glossy effects.

With dramatic dresses for wedding like these, extremely subtle makeup will defeat the purpose and fall flat – for example, earth tones will look a little drab. Instead of natural makeup, go for black liquid eyeliner in a cat-eye shape (on the upper lid only), plus highlighter in pure white or silver on the brow bone. Blush should be in a berry shade, blended high into the cheekbones.

Foundation should be demi-matte, and dusted with a fine-milled translucent powder. Ultimately, this look screams luxury – it’s very rich and almost decadent, and it indicates a very high taste level. Women who choose black and white evening dresses and bridal dresses are students of fashion, and they play with the traditional elements of a wedding day look, customizing them with high-fashion touches that are their alone…

Stunning Femininity…With An Edge

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 Thin sashes, such as the ribbon design shown on the ruffled white wedding dress above, are designed to cinch the waist and visually slim this part of the body. Dark colors always make things look smaller – therefore, if you want to look leaner on your wedding day, a dark sash can work wonders.

Dark necklaces also make the throat look slimmer and more delicate, as long as they aren’t too tight. To elongate the body in a two-tone wedding gown, pile your hair up, and wear sandals with heels at least three inches high.

Tips For The Canadian Bride-To-Be

Many Canadian brides-to-be search for wedding dresses in Toronto, or hunt for bridesmaid wedding dresses at online boutiques. If you’re planning your wedding, you may want to know that Best For Bride truly offers the best of both worlds. For example, we offer bridal stores in Toronto and Barrie, as well as a fully-stocked online bridal boutique that allows women anywhere in Canada (or the USA) to purchase the wedding dresses of their dreams.

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Whichever option you choose, you can rest assured that our team of specialists will be standing by to make your fairytale wedding dreams come true…


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  1. Beautiful gowns thanks for this post, I have my black and white gown and with sleeves that it cost for very cheap yet so nice for our garden wedding.

  2. Look for a black wedding dress wondering if you carry them?

    1. Yes, we do 🙂

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