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Ballerina Beauty For Your Wedding Day

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Recently, director Darren Aronofsky’s dramatic film, Black Swan (starring Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis) highlighted the glamorous, yet grueling, lives of ballerinas. The costumes created for Black Swan played up the delicate beauty of the waifish lead actresses, who appeared in embellished tutus with fitted bodices and full skirts.

While the movie was dark and disturbing, the fashions of the ballet world are anything but…in fact, these classic and romantic designs are made to enhance the beautiful lines of a woman’s body.

Beauty Tips For The Ballerina Look

To capture the essence of ballerina beauty on your wedding day, wear your hair in a pretty chignon or sleek updo, and do a dramatic eye with lots of eyeliner, mascara, and eye shadow.  Brows should be darkened with eyeshadow or pencil, and lips should be neutral, pale pink, or crimson (with a touch of gloss). This makeup and hair look will gel beautifully with fashionable wedding dresses that feature ballet-inspired design elements.

Cheeks should not be too flushed; foundation should always match the skin perfectly, and be finished with a dusting of translucent powder (and a touch of highlighting shimmer, high on the cheekbones and the browbone).

This elegant look is perfect for a lean build, but it can also be stunning on a curvier body, since most ballerina-inspired wedding dresses balance the body with their nipped-in waistlines and full, frothy skirts…

For Dramatic Eyes, try  Dior 5-Colour Designer All-In-One Artistry Palette – Smoky

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For shimmer and sparkle, apply Benefit Moonbeam highlighter to the top of the cheekbones, the browbone, and the decolletage.

To mimic Portman’s Black Swan look, choose a sheer wash of high-quality ruby lipstick, such as Guerlain’s Rouge G in Garconne.

Graceful Gowns To Consider…

Here are some lovely bridal gowns that will help you capture the spirit of ballerina beauty as you walk down the aisle…

Delicate Straps Define The Ballerina Look

bridal gown

Ballerina looks don’t have to feature endless layers of tulle – in fact, they can be quite subtle. The bridal dress shown above gets its ballerina beauty from its delicate shoulder straps, and its form-fitting lace-and-satin bodice.

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Designed to highlight the beauty of a woman’s neck and shoulders, this stunning wedding dress is really the height of elegance. Comfortable, yet totally glamorous, this dress needs little extra adornment. A strong lip, a sleek hairstyle, and drop earrings will be more than enough to accessorize this feminine, graceful design…

Poetry In Motion…

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The right bridal gown will make you feel more confident – once you put in on, you’ll feel more beautiful and more alluring. The wedding dress shown above is a lovely example of ballerina style – the pretty skirt, with its careful pleating and rich, lustrous fabric, is designed to move with you.

 If you’re planning a first dance with your new groom, you’ll love the way this dress highlights your gracefulness. A sparkly headpiece will finish the look perfectly…

Frothy Perfection…

bridal gown

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For daring, unforgettable style that makes you feel like a prima ballerina, shine in a frothy confection adorned with a sparkling, silvery dusting of crystals, and sheer, light-as-air layers of  snow-white chiffon. This gown is really the ultimate in decadence, and it indulges a women’s fantasies of perfect glamour on her wedding day.

To accessorize, balance the full skirt with high heels in shimmery silver, and add a choker necklace and elegant earrings. Sexy and dramatic, this white wedding dress is a fairytale come true…

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