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Unique Wedding Venues

Are you looking for a wedding venue, but don’t want to go with the traditional options that are overused and boring? Instead of settling for a beach wedding or one in a church, why not try some of these beautiful wedding venue options that will definitely be a memorable choice.

A Chapel


A chapel is a tiny church that is usually in a secluded location. They are small, so if you have a large invitation list, this will probably not work out for you. However, these venues make for some adorable pictures and the ceremony can be intimate and personal. Plus, you can always have a large reception later on if you wish.

Country Club

Many country clubs have some pretty amazing locations for events such as weddings. Since they typically cater to those who have a bit more money than the rest, they tend to have much nicer facilities than other locations. Keep in mind that these places do tend to be a bit pricey, but if you are already a member, you may be able to get a decent price.

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A Winery


Between the wine and the vineyards, there is something magical about having a wedding planned in a winery. This is also a great location for beautiful pictures and they are a great place for receptions as well. If you don’t live in an area that is known for wineries, check around. Just about every area has a winery around somewhere.

Historic Buildings

Museums and historic buildings are also a great place to hold a wedding. Not only will they be beautiful and memorable, but they will also showcase a special part of the city that you are choosing to be married in. Although they may be difficult to find, consider checking with group that owns the building to see if a wedding can be held there.

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Do you have a passion for something, like rock climbing or sky diving. This can make a very fun wedding that will get your blood pumping. Naturally, with these types of weddings, your guest list will need to be kept to a minimum, but you can always have a formal reception after the wedding. Pretty much any hobby can be turned into a wedding opportunity, so make sure that you keep your options open.



There is nothing quite as romantic as having your wedding in a castle. Of course, you will probably need to travel to find a traditional castle, but you may look around to see if there are any replicas in your area. Some businesses have designed buildings to look like a castle and these are the perfect location for a beautiful and romantic wedding.

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4 thoughts on “Unique Wedding Venues

  1. I winery is a great idea. There are so many to choose from and it is a nice place that is not “normal”.

  2. I like the idea of having a wedding that is not that traditional. These unique locations help with that.

    1. I always felt the same way. Traditional is fine, but that has never been “me”. I want to do something different and unique.

  3. Extreme themed weddings are a new thing. If you both have a great passion for a specific thing, you can easily base the entire thing around that.

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