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How to Hire a Caterer for a Wedding Reception

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Couples recruit several professionals to help with their weddings. Each one plays a part in making the wedding as the couple wants it. The photographer, officiant, florist, and caterer have roles to fill to ensure the wedding becomes the special day the couple has been planning for months. Choosing a caterer is an important part of having the reception of your dreams. Here are some tips about how to hire a caterer for a wedding reception.

The couple may feel pressured to use a friend or family member as the caterer. If the couple is confronted with this situation, they may need to be assertive and politely say they are using a different caterer. A caterer, friend or family member who would be invited to the wedding may be appeased with the couple sharing that they would like the person to be able to relax and enjoy the wedding. The friend actually might enjoy the opportunity of seeing what a competing caterer is doing.

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An engaged couple should start looking for a caterer nine months to a year before the wedding date. Some couples rush into hiring the first caterer they meet. Consider holding off on the decision until after meeting several caterers available for the wedding date. If caterers bring samples to the meeting, ask if they charge for them.

Getting caught up in discussing details, such as certain menu items, is easy. While the couple will want to share their ideas, the focus should be on the overall feel they want for the reception for the first meeting. The couple should discuss the caterers specialties and what type of cuisine the caterer would suggest for the style of the wedding. You can learn more at about why it is important to choose a caterer who is experienced in the type of cuisine you want for your wedding. Couples can discuss whether they want a formal dinner or buffet and receive suggestions from the caterers.

Caterers usually price the event per person. Before meeting with the caterers, know approximately how many guests you will have. You don’t have to know the exact number of guests at this early stage. However, you may find it helpful to know your budget and an estimate of the number of guests when discussing prices with potential caterers.

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Know exactly what the caterer provides. Some caterers provide the tables, chairs, and dinnerware. Others only provide dinnerware. Some caterers only provide the food and serve the guests or set up a buffet. Caterers may have these items and services included in the price or for additional fees. Therefore, it’s important to ask what is included and what services cost extra.

When it comes to the wedding cake, some caterers will charge an extra fee to serve the cake. If you want the caterer to handle cutting and serving the wedding cake, be sure to discuss this with the caterers. A few caterers work with bakers to provide the cake as well.

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Planning a wedding involves taking care of many details and making decisions. The Best for Bride blog contains helpful tips for stress-free wedding planning.

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  1. Oh every bride needs to check this, before hiring a wedding catering service. Absolutely, thank you!!

  2. For the most part, we just went with what our friends had suggested. We did some interviews and things like that, but it was from a list our friends recommended. We were happy with the company we hired.

  3. Great tips! This is something that can really mess with your wedding day and is also something that should be planned properly!

  4. Word-of-mouth is huge in this industry. There are just a few things that can go wrong to really make it a bad experience for every one else.

  5. One of the most important things, for the guests, is the food. These are good tips!

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