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Tips On Choosing Bridesmaid Gifts

Bridal Gift necklace

Although you don’t have to give your bridesmaids any gifts, many brides opt to give them small tokens of their gratitude for helping plan the wedding, being troopers and wearing the chosen dresses and just participating in their magical day. But many brides are at a loss as to what kind of gift they should surprise their bridesmaids with, so here are some tips on how what makes the perfect gift!

How Much To Spend?

Personalized necklaces from Etsy
Personalized necklaces from Etsy

Really, it’s totally up to you and whatever can fit into your budget. These gifts are to show your appreciation and gratitude and don’t have to be extravagant or expensive. Your bridesmaids aren’t expecting anything, so even a small gift will make them smile. Some sites like the Knot say that you should consider how much you’re asking them to spend for your wedding (bridesmaid dress, shoes, makeup, hair, etc.) and then base your gift on something that is comparable to that amount. But in reality, you’re probably already spending a lot of money and your budget can’t really fit in an additional $75 per bridesmaid (especially if you have a large bridal party).

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Be Thoughtful

Bridal tumblers from Etsy
Bridal tumblers from Etsy

Instead of buying lavish gifts, think about getting them things that they’ll be able to use everyday. Makeup bags with their initials on them, blinged-out coffee cups, a jewelry box engraved with their name, etc. Taking the time to really choose a great bridal gift will go a long way with your bridesmaids. And to go step further, maybe buy each bridesmaid a different gift tailored to their own personal likings? This will show them how much time and effort you put into their gift and they’ll really love you for that.

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Would You Want It?

Wine glasses from Etsy
Wine glasses from Etsy

Always ask yourself if you’d want the gift to gauge if your bridesmaids will want it too. You don’t want to choose something that is super cute, but won’t be used by them. Again, think practical gifts like monogrammed keychains, tumblers and other things that can be used over and over again. There are lots of bridal gift sites where you can order multiple gifts and have them personalized. Just do a quick Google search and you’ll get numerous results.

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