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Wedding Planning – How to done right



So, at last you have made up your mind to settle down with your partner, making your relationship official by holding a beautiful ring exchange event. Have in mind that there are so many crucial things to be done and decision to be mad. So get ready and start planning for your big event as early as possible. It wouldn’t be appropriate to make rush decisions in the last me.

To plan your wedding well, with equal attention being focused on all segments of your marriage, it is ideal to come up with a good plan. If you want your day to be complete without hiccups, a wedding planning checklist is essential. Once you start to list things down, you will discover that there are so many things to taken care of, which you might have ignored because of the excitement.

Listed below are some tips that you can have in your wedding planning checklist.

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You have to come up with a budget for a number of reasons. Invitation cards, catering, after party and weddings in general are quite expensive, but the more you keep track of the money to be spent the more likely you are to stick with the budget you have set. Ensure that you put your budget into segments so you know you are being realistic, and then you can reallocate cash if you get a good bargain on the cake. You can also cut down cost by using wedding rental services.

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On your big day, there will be probably some uninvited guest who will top up on your guest list. When busy look for the right wedding barn you should start by listing the people you are planning to invite. You will need to be figure out the numbers so as to get catering quotes, for venue size, and with the steps involved in the wedding planning process, so it is a good idea to come up with a list early enough.

Wedding Date

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Instead of having one specific date set in your head, come up with several options. This will be much easier when you are trying to create the ideal barn for your reception. The more recognition you give to your guests the better, if you seek advice from family and friends, then you can settle on one. Once you have settled on a date, don’t make adjustments for anyone. It will be way more difficult than pleasing the person, and definitely three are some people who will not attend regardless.

2 thoughts on “Wedding Planning – How to done right

  1. I found it very interesting here. Beautiful post. Guests Come First! The most significant and important day in our lives is our wedding day!!!

  2. I totally agree with your suggestion to set a date and stick with it. You can be flexible at first, but once you’ve made a decision, draw the line. It’s been my experience that once you start trying to please everyone you end up with a mess. It’s your wedding, please yourself and your spouse, and stick with the plan.
    It’s also a good idea to have a wedding plan checklist, if for nothing else than the brides sanity. Once you have something done, you can check it off and not have to worry about it anymore – much better than trying to keep it all in your head and forgetting the details.

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