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Things to Note in Choosing Wedding Favors

If you are getting married anytime soon, chances are you are on the wedding planning high now. You feel that you don’t have enough time to attend to all the little details that are needed in your wedding. You so want to give the grand task of wedding coordination to a professional. But somehow, you feel hesitant in giving up the reins when it is THE most important day of your life that you’re talking about.

wedding favorwedding favour

As a result, you are bombarded with the huge task of choosing from myriad of wedding dresses, wedding favors and wedding cakes, among others. You even have to concern yourself with getting the best bridesmaid dress designs just so your entourage will look as grand as you.

Among the most intricate tasks in wedding planning is choosing your wedding favors. These items are not simply little things that you feel obliged to give out to your guests. Above anything else, wedding favors are a memorabilia. Long after the wedding ceremony is over, these small things will be the sole reminder of this momentous affair in your life. As such, it is but proper that you choose your wedding favors properly. Here are some tips.

1. Inscriptions?

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Because wedding favors are memoirs, they should bear the name of the couple and the date and venue of the wedding. Otherwise, they would just demote themselves as one of those generic figurines sold in the department stores. So when choosing your wedding favors, go for those that have space for your names. Go for those that will shout what you and your groom are most proud about – your wedding day.

2. Decorative Appeal

More often than not, wedding favors will end up in the cupboards or any other decorative space in the homes of your guests. Therefore, it is but proper to choose favors that would look pleasing in the eyes. Choose those items that your guests will feel proud to have in their homes.

3. Durability

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Of course, nobody wants wedding favors that get broken even before they are taken out of the wedding venue. So when choosing, go for those that will last months – and even years! After all, they are a memorabilia and the only for them to carry out that role is to stay “alive” and usable for a very long, long time.

4. Uniqueness

Another important factor to consider when choosing wedding favors is uniqueness. These items should be unique enough that they are able to represent your (and your groom’s) interest. For instance, if both of you are beach bums, then shells and miniature slippers would prove to be appropriate wedding favors.

5. Usefulness

While wedding favors are primarily used as decorations, it doesn’t hurt to go beyond normal expectations. Therefore, it would be better to choose favors that can be used by your guests. For instance, pens, paper weights and letter openers would be practical. They are more than just fine stuff, they are also usable at the office. Your guests will be glad to have them as wedding favors.

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2 thoughts on “Things to Note in Choosing Wedding Favors

  1. Thanks so helpful but how about for a fantasy wedding, how about giving your guests each a different mask to wear? Ha ha sounds fun!!

  2. Nice, we have leaf candles and a candy buffet. It is a fall/halloween wedding. So everything must in autumn colors. We loved our favors so much.

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