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How to Plan a Disney-inspired Dream Wedding

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A dream is a wish your heart makes. Cinderella

When it comes to planning theme weddings that truly evoke the romance, whimsy and charm of Disney’s most beloved animated films (such as Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella), selecting the right style elements, wedding decor ideas, bridal dress, and bridesmaids gowns will be very important.

In fact, Disneyland and Disneyworld will even allow you to marry right at their famous theme parks. Whether you visit one of the Magic Kingdoms to tie the knot (check their official amusement park websites for more information), or choose any other special wedding venue, our helpful quick guide will give you the inspiration that you need to create the ultimate Disney-style nuptials.

Since your wedding day is so special, don’t be afraid to indulge yourself with a touch of Disney magic. After all, you deserve to make your dreams come true on this romantic and meaningful special occasion.

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How to Look Like a Disney Princess on Your Wedding Day

Princess Jasmine wedding dress

Looking like a Disney princess requires the perfect white wedding dress. Luckily, our Alfred Angelo Disney bridal gowns are custom-made to give you stunning Disney princess style. Each gown in this spectacular collection is inspired by a Disney heroine. So, pick your favorite Disney film and go from there. If you love the Little Mermaid, choose the Ariel gown. If you adore Aurora from Sleeping Beauty, choose the Aurora bridal gown to get her look on your wedding day.

Once you’ve selected your favorite Alfred Angelo Disney wedding gown, be sure to get the right hair and makeup look. The Disney princess look may feature long, flowing curls, headbands, or full, structured up-dos. One fun way to find the best look is to watch classic Disney animated films, such as Cinderella. Choose a special scene where the heroine looks especially wonderful, and then ask your hairdresser to re-create the look. Take digital photos to make sure you’re getting close to your Disney princess ideal.

Makeup should suit your coloring. Blond Disney princesses should stick with mauve and rosy pinks, while Snow White types should choose ruby lips and black mascara. Redheads should opt for juicy peach lip color or blush for the perfect, golden sunset glow. Darker, more exotic beauties in the Princess Jasmine vein should choose cinnamon or violet lip color for a rich, vibrant effect.

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Since the eyes of Disney princesses are so prominent, you’ll need lots of eye liner on the top lashes, plus eye shadow and mascara, to get the look. This doe-eyed beauty will highlight your radiance and innocence as you walk down the aisle.

To add more charm to your wedding, dress your beloved bridesmaids in the Alfred Angelo Disney collection. These suprisingly cheap bridesmaid dresses will keep the theme coherent and add beauty to your wedding photos.

Wedding Decor for Disney-inspired Ceremonies and Receptions

Sleeping Beauty Wedding Dress

Disney heroines are often out in nature, surrounded by the lush beauty of forests and meadows. To create these bowers of bliss, choose wildflowers, pretty evergreen plants, and wedding centrepieces that have a natural, un-contrived look. If you’re marrying outdoors, use romantic trellises adorned with climbing wild roses, and scatter red rose petals along pathways. Satin ribbons may be used to decorate chairs and planters.

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Make sure that any wedding invitations and wedding favours capture the same romantic, floral theme. Rosebud motifs and ribbon motifs are pure Disney, and they may be used on invitations, or as inspiration for wedding cake sugar flowers and borders.

Now that you know how to plan a Disney-inspired dream wedding, why not contact our Best for Bride wedding specialists today? Our team offers the most beautiful and affordable wedding gowns, as well as wedding cakes, wedding favors, wedding invitations, bridesmaid dresses, and mother of the bride dresses. In a nutshell, we have everything that you need to plan your entire Disney-themed nuptials, and we offer the most caring and professional service that you will find anywhere. Find us at our Ontario boutiques, or order via the World Wide Web through our online bridal store.

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