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Trends for Brides

The wedding season is in full swing, and many interesting trends are taking place this year that are pretty exciting in the wedding world. While many brides choose to stray from the norm, the popular trends this year are attractive to most brides and help create a beautiful experience for the couple, the wedding party and the guests. Consider some of the following if you are getting married this year.

British Style


Due to the popularity of Princess Kate and Downton Abbey, many brides are choosing to go with a British flare for their weddings. This new design is centred around an afternoon tea or a garden party. Frequently, tables are left uncovered, or brides may cover them with a vintage lace cloth. Garlands and loose floral centrepieces are also a popular addition. Blooms like English roses, dahlias, peonies and hydrangeas are the most common at these weddings.

Champagne and Signature Cocktails


Another popular trend this year is to forgo the traditional drinks and the open bar. Instead, brides choose to go with champagne that can be mixed with fruit puree or signature cocktails. These not only are easier on the budget, but they create a customized and fun addition to the receptions.

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Tasting Stations


Tasting stations are also becoming quite popular with signature cocktails and special champagne. However, these tasting stations focus more on food than drinks. These allow couples to show off their favourite foods in small and fun ways. Some of the most popular additions are make-it-yourself taco stands, oyster shucking stations and macaroni and cheese bars. Some couples have even chosen to have local food trucks present for their wedding rather than going for a traditional formal dinner arrangement.

Fancy Cakes


Another popular trend this year is cakes that dare you to touch them. These cakes are created with unique textures and designs that make them appear as though they are not a cake. Herringbone, geometric patterns and three-dimensional lattices are popular designs for today’s wedding cakes. However, many brides are still choosing lace patterns, textured buttercream frosting and pleats to add a more romantic feel to the occasion.

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In the past, photo booths were a popular addition. However, these days, couples are choosing something a bit more interesting. Many couples have decided to hire a silhouette artist who will create memorable portraits of their guests. Not only is this a fun idea, but it also gives guests something they can bring home to remember the special occasion.


2015 is going to be an exciting year to become married. With the many trends that are taking place, you can easily create a beautiful wedding with some fun modern twists.

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3 thoughts on “Trends for Brides

  1. The tasting is a pretty awesome! Love this article and the review of the trends. Coolest and easy living is our favorite!

  2. One of my most favorite things to plan was our cake. It is good to see that fancy ones are still trending this year. I really like the design that we chose and now it is off to pick out a dress 🙂

  3. Awesome list of trends. They will certainly help me with ideas!

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