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Start a Wedding Website

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A wedding website is a great way to keep your friends and family informed about the wedding plans. Wedding websites share important information regarding the ceremony and reception locations, driving directions, bridal party biographies, and bridal registry. The website can be used to share photographs of the ceremony, reception, and honeymoon with family and friends after the wedding. A simple blog is sufficient for a wedding website. The couple can start a wedding website easily with these helpful tips.

Free blogs are a way to have a wedding website without paying any fees for hosting or a domain name. Some couples may want a domain name to make the website address easier for the guests to remember. Free blogs are available through Blogger, Weebly, WordPress, and other blog networks. The networks can be found by typing “free blog” into a search engine. There also are free wedding blog networks such as These wedding blog networks are like the free blog networks but with a wedding theme and related applications.

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A domain name is a personalized website address. It can be purchased through a domain name registrar such as The domain name is not necessary for a free blog. However, some couples like to get a domain name for their wedding websites to make it easier to remember. The website address can be shared through social media like Facebook. The address also can be printed on the wedding invitation and save the date cards.

The proper way to share the bridal registry information is on the website. Nothing about the bridal registry should appear on the wedding invitation or save the date cards. The couple may tell people where they are registered when asked about gifts.

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A wedding Facebook page is an alternative to a wedding website. The advantage of using a Facebook page is that it is easy to set up and share with the guests who use Facebook. Couples can share their wedding photos on the Facebook page set up for the wedding. Disadvantages of using Facebook are that the design of the page cannot be personalized, information added to the page can only be done in the form of status posts, and guests who don’t use Facebook may feel slighted.

Free blogs have design templates. The couple can choose their colors and style for the wedding blog. They may want the blog colors to match the wedding colors. Important information such as the location, date, and time of the wedding can be added to the home page or in the side bar of each page. If the bridal registry is for an online retailer, the website can have a direct link to the  registry retailer.

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There are no strict rules about when to put up and take down the wedding website. Many couples take down their wedding websites several months after the wedding. Browse the Best for Bride blog for more helpful advice about planning a wedding.

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  1. Worth reading, useful information a wedding website is a cool idea. It makes the weddings easier for the women. I wanna try it to in the future!

  2. I had a couple of friends that did this. I thought it was great idea for family to keep up with the process, as well as their friends that are scattered all over the country.

  3. I have family scattered all over the place and think this is a great way to keep everyone informed of the happenings and such.

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