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Wedding Invitations: Some Tips

Whether you are the one getting married, are part of the entourage, or simply helping the couple in sending out wedding invitations, you need a few simple tips on the do’s and don’ts of these little cards and envelopes. Since the era of the town crier has long elapsed, then you must learn enough about the trade of modern wedding invitations.

1. Have the final list of guests. Especially for those who are operating on a tight budget, the number of wedding invitations purchased should be equivalent to your number of visitors. At least an estimate will do so in case there will be a few glitches or errors, you are still within the safe range.

If the design of your wedding invitations is one that needs an envelope, then purchase extra envelopes. This is to avoid shortage in case you commit typo errors while addressing them.

2. Use the proper titles. Weddings are sort of a black tie event. Thus, to keep up with the “theme” and to show your guests of your intention of keeping it a formal occasion, you must write their names with the correct titles. Know who should have the following labels: Ms, Mrs, Mr, Dr, Fr, Honorable, etc. There’s nothing worse than giving out wedding invitations that have sloppily written guest names.

3. Get involved in the designing process. Needless to say, you need to be there to sign off designs and font styles and sizes. This is especially true if you are having your wedding invitations printed. Even if you are buying generic and pre-formatted wedding invitations in your local bookstores or bridal shops, you still need to have a say on the design.

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Wedding invitations

4. If you don’t want children in your reception, be polite in saying so. Since you want to imply this fact in your wedding invitations, then you must be prudent with your words. You can either not include their names in the invitation. For instance, you can put in Mr. and Mrs. Smith instead of Mr. and Mrs. Smith and Family.

If you think this would not suffice, then you can place the phrase “adult reception” in your wedding invitations. Spreading out word regarding your preference of not including children in the ceremony is also a good idea.

5. Don’t forget to put the dress code for the occasion. Some weddings are strictly formal, others are not, especially if it’s a garden wedding. For any guest who’s invited to a wedding, his or her first question would always be: what should I wear?

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Wedding invitations

Thus, to make them feel at ease and make them excited about the wedding, inform them what you expect them to be wearing. Surely, they would be more than happy to receive such an additional piece of information.

Wedding invitations are essential part of any wedding ceremony. Without them, the word about an upcoming union of hearts would not be formally announced. Of course, your guests would not be properly informed of your preference to have them grace an important affair of your life because they don’t want to be a gatecrasher either. Thus, since you’re already spending for wedding invitations, then you might as well do it right.

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  1. These are great tips and give us ease of mind on how to do it best. We are just getting started with our wedding invitations and find out everything we need to know before get them ordered. Love your tips and going to read some. thankxxx

  2. I loved this! A wonderful insights from a proffesional. I really appreciate these tips.

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