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The Pros and Cons of a Hand-Me-Down Bridesmaid Dress

Your sister is getting married and she’s being sensible with the wedding budget so she asks you to make do with a hand-me-down bridesmaid dress, which is so yesterday. No matter how you plead, beg, and threaten her, there’s no way she won’t budge. Before judging the dress, here are some fine points to consider.

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The Pros

Sisters and best friends are supposed to be supportive when the sister or the best friend is getting married on a shoestring budget. Of course, being a sister or a best friend, you are going to be the bridesmaid, an honor really but when you are given a hand-me-down bridesmaid dress, you begin to doubt if the bride is still sane. But don’t be shy; ask outright what’s meant by this gesture. The bride will have to explain why she can’t buy you a spanking new dress.

If you don’t have the money for a new frock, a hand-me-down dress saves you from spending your hard earned money. In reality, you have no choice but to make do with the bridesmaid dress. If the dress horrifies you with it outdated style, ask the bride if she would be amenable to the idea of altering the dress to give it a new life. Chances are she would approve of this if the alterations won’t be extensive. But if you want an overhaul of the 2000 circa dress, be ready to spend for the massive reinvention.

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By salvaging the situation this way you save your sister’s or your best friend’s pride. It’s never easy to ask a sister or a best friend to be a bridesmaid and hand over a hand-me-down frock for the event. By being a good sport this hit two birds with one stone — this enriches and strengthens your ties and saves you money.

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Another plus with a hand-me-down bridesmaid gown is style. With what you have and borrowing ideas from top designers, you create a new style that is uniquely yours. Your dress will not have a clone anywhere. Does not the idea please you? Once you have made a hit with the dress, you can proudly announce to all and sundry that you have reinvented an “old” dress with smashing results. Expect some copycats who are going to deal with hand-me-downs too.

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The Cons

Nothing is perfect and not with a hand-me-down bridesmaid gown. The problem arises if you can fit yourself into the dress; if altering it to fit mutilates the dress, it’s best to get an identical dress to salve the bride’s pride. This would mean buying or renting a frock from bridal salons.

A possible problem is ‘used’ look of the dress. As a bridesmaid you want to look your best too. But if the dress has been well preserved and you can ease yourself easily into a smaller size, there’s no reason to go ballistic. Accessorize and get yourself all pimped up; nobody will suspect you’re wearing a ‘has been’ to the wedding.

There’s nothing really to be ashamed of wearing a hand-me-down dress. If you recall, Miss America 2010 Caressa Cameron had her share of hand-me-downs before she was plucked from obscurity. She wears this hand-me-down badge with honor and look where it got her? People admire her for her pluck and ability to survive a hard life. Perhaps that dress will give you more insights into friendships and close family ties. So who is afraid of a hand-me-down bridesmaid dress?

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