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Celebrity Wedding Favors on a Budget

Sticking to a tight budget can be sticky. The first casualty is the wedding favors. But should you give this up? If you knew there were great but inexpensive items that could be a big hit with your guests, would you still give up? Perhaps not.

Simple yet Fantastic

The rich and the famous can afford to spend $400 on a single wedding favor for 300 guests; that’s a lot of money. But you don’t have to ditch wedding favors because you can only spend a dollar per item. There are great ideas waiting to be found and an example is the vintage handkerchiefs given by Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan to their wedding guests.

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The fabrics were purchased cheap on eBay and a touch of flower heads to top the handkerchiefs in a basket made a perfect accent for the vintage wedding theme. For less, the couple was able to give their guests more. The guests were amazed that the handkerchiefs fashioned from fabrics with vintage prints had such a romantic impact. The hankies were meant for “wiping tears of joy” and indeed Tatum’s and Jenna’s wedding was a smash hit.

You can copy this idea for your own wedding; but if you want something different here are some items you might want for your wedding favors. A handmade velvet pouch with your initials stamped on it; decorative boxes you make yourself; tiny potted plants you can prepare well in advance; and perhaps you can invite a local celebrity and ask him to pose with guests. If he or she is that famous you better plan for tighter security or the fans would go wild. That indeed would be the talk of the town for ages.

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If you are planning a beach wedding, go ahead to seashore and scout for seashells and scoop up some white sand. Make sure though that the beach is the venue for the wedding. Place these in quaint little boxes you made yourself. Include a personal thank you note and you have unique yet inexpensive wedding favors for your beach loving friends.

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Giving frames is a great idea too but instead of opting for silver plated chrome frames, get wooden frames and paint it with your wedding color. A decorative touch can give your DIY frames more character. If your partner is handing with a hammer and a saw, that would be great or if he has zero experience with a hammer, you can ask around. Some friends might recommend a friend who can do the frames without charging a fortune. You can do the painting job later.

Baked goodies are easy to make and how about giving away sugar-crusted cookies? There’s no second guessing these cookies won’t last long. Other edible giveaways are chocolates and fortune cookies that you can prepare well in advance. You can make your own fortune chocolate candies too using special molds to match your wedding theme.

The Easy Way Out

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Browse the internet for more ideas. The websites of bridal shops have a showcase of items under a dollar. Choose an item that goes well with your wedding theme and instead of having it boxed, which is another expense, spruce it up with ribbons or a silky cord. So who says you can’t have celebrity style wedding favors?

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Who doesn’t love wedding favors that are good for the environment and you can use over and over again? The Other Straw offers bulk bamboo straws for wedding favors and wedding receptions which can be personalized with your initials, wedding hashtag or unique message. A gift your guests and Mother Earth are bound to appreciate.

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  1. Oh yes a $400 is so crazy but I really want elegant favors, i’m still searching online, thanks for the link and tips!!

  2. Some great information. Thank you a lovely reminder and favors that cost $400 that’s really expensive. We just ordered an alternative Cake in a Jar have the perfect flavour for our day.

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