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Do you want a tiered wedding cake or something different?

The traditional tiered wedding cake has been a wedding icon for ages. But, many couples today are stepping away from this practice for various reasons. Brides agree that it looks great and all, but it is very expensive and is it always worth all that money? With more and more wedding guests taking the healthy route, isn’t it a better idea to spend money on desserts that are just as tasty and satisfying, but healthier? “No wedding cake—a trend,” on Serious eats suggests that this is apparently a growing trend.

So, do you want a traditional wedding cake at your wedding, or would you choose something different and follow the trend? Let us help you find out.

The tradition behind wedding cakes

The wedding cake brings together several traditions from different parts of the world. The tiered cake began as a stack of cakes that the couple had to kiss over for a successful marriage. This later became a dessert that the bride would cut and distribute, with the belief that it would ensure her fertility.

Wedding cakes that were white in color, became the fashion after Queen Victoria’s wedding. She introduced white wedding dresses to the bridal world and with it, white wedding cakes as well.

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If these traditional beliefs and superstitions behind the wedding cake do not appeal to you, or you are not really a cake person, there are several other equally attractive options out there. Take a look.

Assorted dessert buffet for all taste buds


The latest trend in wedding desserts, assorted dessert buffets bring together the choicest desserts of all types and tastes and allow guests to indulge in what appeals to them. Most couples choose bite-sized options. By going with four or five desserts,  everyone should find something they favor. The regulars at buffets are macaroons, candy treats, doughnuts, cupcakes, cake pops, cookies and tarts. These allow you to have a delicious spread and give you uncomplicated choices that can be arranged to create a spectacular display, which is perhaps more inviting than a towering wedding cake.

Wedding cupcakes

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Another trend is to replace the wedding cake with an assortment of tiered cupcakes in various flavors and designs. These allow the guests to savor reasonably sized desserts, while you are saved from the complications of arranging for the cutting and serving of a regular wedding cake. With customized cupcake toppers and various decorative elements, it isn’t too difficult to design a cupcake table that is aesthetically pleasing and delicious in variety.

Dessert shots


Mini glasses dressed up with layers of delectable treats are both inviting and practical. Most layered desserts work well as dessert shots. A great thing about them is that they can be made into very pretty displays with a sophisticated beauty. Dessert shots will be loved by both adults and children alike, and it is just perfect for a casual event where your guests can indulge in it without having to sit down to eat.

Now that you know there is more to wedding sweets than just the traditional wedding cake, would you give any of these a try?

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For more wedding tips and advice, and the latest trends in the world of weddings, continue visiting us at Best for Bride.

5 thoughts on “Do you want a tiered wedding cake or something different?

  1. I am going to go with something different. Most of the rest of our wedding is traditional, but I wanted to do something different with the cake.

  2. This is great advice. Why do you HAVE to use a cake, right? What great ideas!

    1. Exactly, you can do whatever you feel like doing, it is YOUR day!

  3. Gourmet cupcakes seem like a great idea. Somewhat bite size and can have many different options to please all of the guests.

  4. Tiered. I always had an idea in my mind about what a cake would look like. Thanks for asking!

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