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Fake Wedding Cakes?

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Next time you go to a wedding reception, take a good look at the cake. It may look real, but actually be made out of Styrofoam and covered with fondant. Even close up, the cake may look authentic since many fake cakes are covered with the same fondant icing that commonly is used on real wedding cakes. The trend of using faux wedding cakes is growing. Why are people making fake wedding cakes?

It’s not uncommon for wedding cake to cost more than the wedding dress. The wedding cake may end up being the biggest expense for a wedding. The alternative fake wedding cakes helps the couple save a considerable amount of money. The artificial wedding cake typically costs under $200.

The faux wedding cakes are used for display purposes only. The couple might ask the servers to remove the fake cake right before cake is served to the guest to keep the illusion that it’s a real cake. The guests are served from a sheet cake which is much cheaper than a true wedding cake.

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What about the cutting of the cake by the couple? Some faux cake makers have gotten creative in solving this problem. Obviously, the couple does not want to cut into Styrofoam in front of their guests. Some people will get a fake cake made, but have the top tier be a real cake for the cake cutting tradition. Another option is for a section of the false cake to be replaced with real cake. For many couples, these fixes fall short of the romantic sentiment of cutting a real cake together. The use of an artificial wedding cake is something that not all couples will embrace.

The use of faux wedding cakes can be used in other ways. A couple who is having a small wedding might have a desire to have a large, extravagant cake. Even if the guest list doesn’t warrant such a large cake, they may really want the experience of having an incredible cake. If they bought the cake of their dreams, not only would their budget suffer a tremendous hit, but they would end up wasting half the cake. Instead, they can buy a partially faux cake from a baker. The cake can be partially real cake with the rest being artificial.

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Couples may view the use of a fake cake as a form of deception. The bride and groom may feel that they are lying to their guests or being fake themselves if they use a fake cake. If you feel like using a fake cake isn’t as romantic or honest as using a traditional wedding cake, then a fake cake may not be the ideal way to save money. Some couples view the faux cakes as a type of prop and not really a deception. This is a personal choice that the couples need to decide together.

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Would you use a fake cake to save money? For additional ways to save money on the wedding, visit the Best for Bride blog.

7 thoughts on “Fake Wedding Cakes?

  1. I have heard more about these fake cakes at weddings. Is this really a thing? I guess it could be some sort of keepsake, but what are you going to do with a 5 tiered cake?

    1. Exactly Nancy! I agree.

  2. I can see the draw for a fake cake, but that is not what I am going to do. Its a real cake all the way to the face smash 🙂

    1. LOL, yeah the face smash. I was at a wedding recently that had a couple of pies instead of a cake. That worked!

  3. I wedding I was at recently used an apple pie as the cake 🙂

  4. I am fine with a fake wedding cake. I have seen them at a few weddings and then sheet cakes are used to feed the guests. Might even save you a little money!

  5. I am looking forward to my next appt for alterations at your Barrie location! I chose to get a faux cake 3 tier and separate slab for guests. My quote changed twice and would’ve been $350 + tax for a simple cake that I provided all the decor for. Good thing I didn’t give a deposit. Found a highly recommended and very reputable “real” cake place and they are working so well with me and giving me a 3 tier all real for $300 flat. I’m so glad and can’t wait.

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