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The Royal Wedding

Who is not talking about the upcoming nuptials of Prince William? Many people across the globe are asking question about which traditions Kate Middleton will want to change and which ones will she keep. He is after all second in line for the throne. Since his birth in 1982 he has been on the world stage with everyone watching his movements and many feel a part of his life because the have watched him grow up.

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We know the bride has chosen to wear the conventional white wedding gown and the honeymoon will be in Scotland. We also know that Prince William will be wearing his military uniform for the event. The guest list has been made public. Victoria and David Beckham were invited to the wedding but President Obama was not.
One question that still looms unanswered is about the rings. The royal family as a long tradition, going back to 1923, of using Clogau gold. This gold is welsh gold and very rare. Princesses Diana stayed with this conventionality but will the royal couple of the new millennium keep the traditions of generations of the royal line. Clogau gold is proud to be of service to the royal family and hope that this tradition will continue.
Princesses Diana did not always stick to tradition. Will her son follow in her footsteps or will Prince William and Kate Middleton stay close to the royal customs. Only time will tell for these two young lovebirds.
The association with the royal family over the years have made Clogau gold one of the most sought after gold in the world. Now with their status as the suppliers of the Royal wedding rings are up in the air. We will have to pay close attention to this couple and their picks and to see what they are going to do next. This is going to be a spectacular event to be sure as the world sits on pins and needles to watch the choices that this young couple will make on the most wonderful day of their young lives.
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