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Be a Gracious Host, Add a Personal Touch to Your Wedding Favors

The Wedding Favors

Weddings, being happy events are supposed to bring luck. To share this good fortune, wedding couples give away tokens to the guests. Traditionally wedding favors were sugared treats packed in beautiful boxes and given to each guest. The early tokens were pieces of five almonds or candies. Way back, the wedding tokens were part of the bread or cake, which guests grabbed for good luck.

This changed with the times and modern bridal couples are giving away practical or decorative items for wedding favours, one for each family or couple and if budget permits one for each guest. These are usually placed on the table as part of the decorative table setting. These are artfully wrapped with tinsel and ribbons echoing the wedding theme and colors.

The choice of wedding tokens for the guests reflects the couple’s personal taste, no matter if they have the budget or a limited one. Whatever your budget, choose items that will please your guests – it may be handmade items to a packet of colorful scented candles. Happily, choosing tokens for your guests is fun making the task an enjoyable one. The internet has also made the shopping convenient and faster and online bridal shops offer discounts for bulk purchases. You can pick up the items to save on shipping costs.

What to Give Your Guests

Your wedding guests have done their part to attend your wedding. They have filed a leave of absence, paid for their plane tickets if they are out of the country or live in another state, bought your wedding gift, and traded their old party clothes for new. This may sound easy but fact is they spend a lot of time preparing for your wedding too.

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Thanking them with practical items is part of your role as a gracious host. Since most wedding favors are almost identical, make it special to stand out even if it is another packet of scented soap or bottle opener.

These tips can help you make a good impression:

* Discuss this matter with your fiance, both of you can pick your brains for something unique, interesting and affordable.

* Choose items that can be proudly displayed in curio cabinets instead of landing in a heap of cookie cutter wedding favors easily forgotten.

* Not all guests have the same tastes. You have the task of choosing wedding tokens that will appeal to both young and old and male and female.

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* If you want to give your guests something they enjoy for years, or something they can enjoy immediately, it is all up to you.

* Add a personal thank you note in your wedding favors to show them how much you appreciate their coming over to your wedding. This personal touch connects you to your guests and this gesture makes the wedding favours special to the recipient.

Instead of having someone distribute the wedding favors to the guests personally go around and hand the tokens to your guests. This could be done when you go the rounds of having your pictures taken with the guests.

The personal touch that goes with your wedding favors, says much about the kind of host you are.

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