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Flower Girl Dresses – Just as Important as Your Wedding Dress

Flower Girl Dresses – just as important as your wedding dress

One of the enjoyable tasks, when planning your wedding is choosing your flower girl dress. You may plan to choose a dress that will coordinate with the rest of your bridesmaids, or opt for a simple white dress with coordinating accessories. Whatever your taste, there are a few other considerations. Finding the perfect flower girl dress needs a little thought.

The fashion has changed very little over the years, usually an echo of the bridesmaids in colour, style, or length, some flower girls dresses are scaled down versions of the bridal gown or have similar lace or embellishment. Always “little girl” in style the dress can be short or long. There are as many styles as there are bridal gowns, some are formal, but there is no reason for you not to have a flower girl at a more relaxed wedding such as a beach wedding.

A flower girl’s dress can be white, or be a part of the colour scheme of the bridesmaids dresses. If her dress is white, a coloured sash, hair ribbon or posy may be used to tie it in with the bridesmaids dresses.

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Keep in mind the age of your flower girl as younger children will less able to tolerate being hot or cold. Most children will complain or act up if they are in uncomfortable clothes for any length of time, and inevitably that will be at the worst possible moment.

Fabrics for flower girl dresses vary greatly, rich fabrics such as velvet or velour are wonderful, but best confined to winter or autumn weddings. Lighter fabrics are more suitable for a summer or springtime wedding.

Ballet Slippers are probably the best choice for shoes, anything from satin to patent leather will be stylish and comfortable. While tights are great for a winter wedding but are really too warm in summer for a little girl to stay comfortable. Gloves are available in sizes to suit little girls to help keep little hands warm.

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Remember – if there are any steps to go up or down, little girls tend pull their dress up if it is too long, a disaster if they are trying to carry a posy as well. Be aware that a very young girl may trip on a long skirt, so it’s best to choose a shorter style. Pantaloons underneath can give length without the danger of tripping. If you are having flower girls of varying ages, you can co-ordinate their dresses much as you can your bridesmaids dresses.

Whatever the style you choose, fabrics that won’t wrinkle, such as satin or velvet will look best by the end of the day.

A good tip is to wait until the last moment to dress your flower girl. If she is very young, and you can afford it, you may want to buy two dresses so you are sure to have a clean one for the photos.

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  1. Why not- Their might be the littlest member of each bridal party, but the flower girls are there to add some serious cuteness for someones big day. Nice!!!

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