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Demystifying the wedding train

If there is one factor that sets a bridal dress apart from any other, it is the wedding train. Although there are plenty of wedding dress options that forgo the train entirely and end at knee or ankle-length, wedding dress trains are undoubtedly classic and are the exclusive privilege of first-time brides.

Trains come in various lengths, widths and designs. There are even detachable types, that allow you to dance at your reception without having to bother about it getting in the way. The ideal train length would depend on how formal the function is, the ceremony venue and your comfort. Let us take a look at the most common types of trains and the type of function they are appropriate for.

Cathedral Train

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A formal train, this extends to approximately 7 feet beyond your waist. It is dramatic and suitable for traditional church ceremonies or formal weddings, and is majestic in appearance. The train requires setting up when you reach the venue, but you should be able to manage it from there without assistance, unless it is heavily adorned with details. If you do not plan to change your dress for the wedding reception, it is a good idea to opt for a cathedral train that is removable or can be bustled after the wedding ceremony.

Chapel Train

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This is shorter than the cathedral train, extending up to 5 feet from your waist. It is one of the most versatile trains, and is suitable for both formal and semi-formal wedding ceremonies. It is easy to set up and will follow you easily once this is done. The chapel train looks best when the dress has a mermaid-inspired silhouette or an A-line skirt.

Court Train

The court train is slightly shorter than the chapel train, but longer than the sweep train. It is also suitable for both semi-formal and formal ceremonies, and is easier to manage without a lot of fuss.

Sweep Train

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This is the shortest of the trains, and extends to just a couple of inches beyond the hemline. This is suitable for almost any type of ceremony. It is ideal for an outdoor wedding ceremony, where it wouldn’t be a good idea to have a long train dragging through the ground. The sweep train is stylish, and it balances style and simplicity.

Royal Train

This is the longest and most dramatic of the trains. The royal train, also known as the monarch train, extends to almost 10 feet or more, from your waist. The train is often a masterpiece in itself, embellished and adorned with intricate details. The bride will usually require assistance with this train, and it is not easy to bustle.

When shopping for your wedding dress, don’t forget to take the train length into consideration when you make your final decision. The right length would ideally depend on whether your wedding is a black-tie ceremony or a casual affair, and whether it is to be indoors or outdoors.

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