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When You’d Rather Have Cash


Some engaged couples move in together long before they are married and have everything they need, not having to rely on bridal shower and wedding gifts to furnish their homes with a brand new toaster or the newest in entertainment. But many couples, however, struggle with the topic of how to ask for cash from their guests instead of gifts – here are some tips.

First off, it is perfectly acceptable for engaged couples to accept cash gifts if they are not the ones asking for it. Traditional wedding etiquette admonishes asking for cash, but if a wedding guest asks the engaged couple what they’d like, the best way is to tell them that you are thinking of saving for something special, such as an upcoming honeymoon.

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Don’t just forgo the wedding registry – there’s always an option to include what you’d like as a gift without going to a department store and scanning towels and linens for people who want to buy you something or give you more than “just cash”. Some people believe that giving a physical gift is tradition at a wedding, so expect that you may get a new shower curtain or something decorative, but there are also sites that allow you to ask for items such as gift cards or cash towards a big purchase or a honeymoon.

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One such site is called Tendr where guests can pick cards to send with their well wishes and cash, and they can even use all major credit cards. It doesn’t cost you anything to receive funds and it only costs them 2.7% and $1 for every transaction; likely cheaper than buying a card at a store. The site also tracks all of your gifts received so that you can thank the people who sent them.

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  1. Like to have an account on Tendr and try using it. Cool, Informative! I never thought it has a good and friendly idea like this. Thanks!!!

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