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Cinderella Would’ve Loved These Wedding Shoes!

Everyone wants to be Cinderella. After all, what girl doesn’t want to become a beautiful princess, meet a handsome prince, and live happily ever after? And let’s not forget the drama around those swoon-worthy glass slippers. It’s the stuff that fairy tales are made of.

Well, with your wedding day looming in the horizon, you no longer have to dream that wish your heart makes because you’ve got it made. You’ve found your Prince Charming who treats you like the princess that you are. You’ve got a fabulous ball gown of a wedding dress. But do you have your glass slippers?

Much as you’d like to wear such delicate footwear, however, glass slippers aren’t exactly practical, even if you’ve got a carriage drawn by mice-cum-horses. That doesn’t mean that you can’t have fabulous wedding shoes to go with your fabulous wedding dress as you wed your fabulous man in a fabulous ceremony and reception. That’s exactly what the shoes from the Colorifics Wedding Collection offer – an excess of fabulous.

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As a blushing bride, it’s so easy to get carried away with the lure of the wedding dress that wedding shoes become no more than a mere afterthought. But if you want perfection, you’ll have to do better than that. Nothing complements your dress better than a gorgeous pair of shoes. With the perfect footwear, you’ll be absolutely divine literally from head to toe.

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Beyond gorgeous and aesthetic visual pleasure, however, your shoes serve a purpose as you move through your wedding venue. Like the princess that you are, you want to be able to glide as you greet your guests, not drag your feet because of excruciating pain in your soles. For this purpose, you need shoes that are comfortable to sustain you throughout your wedding day (or night).

Colorifics have a vast collection of bridal footwear that are made from the finest materials, so they’re not only stunning, but blissfully comfortable as well. Better yet, you can even wear them well after the wedding festivities to any event or special occasion that princesses like you must go to. All styles are less than CAD$100, so you won’t be going beyond the budget at all. Now, let’s see Cinderella and her fairy godmother top that!

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