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Alternatives to Traditional Flower Trends

It’s finally starting to warm up; the bees are buzzing and the sunshine is out! Which also means that you’re probably starting to notice all the spring and summer flowers coming into bloom. Flowers can be a nice touch to a wedding, but they can also come with a high price.

Here are some ways you can incorporate flowers into your wedding without breaking the bank:

BRIDESMAID CORSAGES: Instead of purchasing a full bouquet for each bridesmaid, consider the simple alternative of using a corsage. They are less expensive than bouquets, which can really make a difference if you have a large bridal party. There are also many different styles of corsages and even different ways of wearing them. For instance, instead of wearing them on your wrist, you can wear them on your upper arm, which is a very trendy style for 2017.  Several places will be able to make an arrangement to match with your wedding colour palette, but Best for Bride is one of few bridal shops that also can provide you with this service. You can check out the lovely corsages they have to offer here!

SILK FLOWERS: Some people may hesitate to consider using fake flowers for their wedding, but I’ve been to several weddings where the bride and groom chose to use silk flowers and people were amazed at how real they looked. Also, if you go with this option you can both buy them from people who previously used them for their wedding and sell them to people after your wedding – it’s a win-win all around.

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SINGLE STEM FLOWERS: Another option for those who cannot part with real flowers is to use single stems of flowers. For example, instead of a whole bouquet for each bridesmaid, you could purchase one bouquet of single stem flowers and have each bridesmaid carry a single flower. Single roses, tulips, and peonies create a very delicate and romantic look and people are opting into this trend now more than ever.

 No one said you have to have flowers, real or fake. You could add in the element of flowers in other ways, such as a simple floral print overlay for the tables in your reception hall. Another way to add une touche de fleur is to incorporate it into your bridal wear. Best for Bride has several dresses that feature floral aspects, whether it be floral appliqués on a wedding dress or veil, or even floral print bridesmaid dresses as seen below. Check out dresses on the site here to see the unique flower inspired styles Best for Bride has to offer!

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Any of these options would look amazing at your wedding, so before your splurge on tons and tons of real, expensive flowers, Y Knot consider some of these options first!

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4 thoughts on “Alternatives to Traditional Flower Trends

  1. I love the single flower idea! I never really thought about that and did not see any other website really mention that!

    1. Me too! I thought the wedding dress decision was going to be a hard one, but the flowers are being more difficult than I expected.

  2. I am going to go with silk flowers. I was in a wedding once and had a reaction to the flowers they had there and I would hate for that to happen to someone at my wedding.

  3. Single stem and silk flowers are two great options that make things simple, easy to manage and probably a cost saver at the same time.

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