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The Irresistible Glam of Wedding Dresses

When brides march down the aisle, all eyes are riveted on the wedding dress; the bridal dress is the cherry on the cake so to speak and all brides are beautiful in their stunning wedding dresses. What’s about these dresses that fire the imagination of little girls and stoke the longings for grand weddings?

The Dress of a Lifetime

Every girl has her favorite dress and there are dresses to mark milestones in their growing-up years and during their transition from girls to women. But the best dress of all is the wedding dress. Girls have visions of satin and lace, pearls and bows, misty veils, and flowers, running in their minds when they imagine themselves in a bridal dress. They see themselves as princesses ready to float away to a magical land.

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The wedding gown or dress is the ultimate dress; it transforms ordinary-looking women into gorgeous brides. There must be something about wedding dresses. No wonder, brides spend three-fourths of the wedding preparation time planning their wedding dress. They want the best wedding dress whether it’s a discount dress or an heirloom or a second-hand wedding dress or custom-made wedding gown from top Parisian designer houses.

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Wedding dresses are worn once and never used again for a second wedding. It would rather be passed on from bride to another. For a woman who is getting into a second marriage, the wedding dress is still an important detail in the wedding planning. Either it must surpass the first wedding gown or must be less glamorous, but nevertheless, it must still be the best of all wedding dresses. Second wedding or not, this is still the ultimate dress.

The Evolution of Bridal Dresses

Different decades have made their mark on the wedding dress. Traditionally, these dresses were dark in color for white gowns or dresses were difficult to clean. As time marched on, dresses for wedding rituals favored long white wedding gowns. All these changed with each incoming generation. Currently there is breakaway from traditional white nuptial dresses.

The modest styles of these dresses have been replaced with shorter versions and these days it is not unusual to see wedding dresses with thigh-high slits or red or even black wedding dresses. Whatever the changes, the glam does not disappear; instead it comes on hotter than ever to please every woman’s secret fantasy of a wedding dress.

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Brides wear their wedding gowns to bungee weddings, parachute weddings, and underwater wedding rites. The more the unusual the wedding, the more brides insist on the traditional white wedding dress. It’s a matter of choice and style and there’s no stopping brides from choosing their style for their wedding getup.

Follow the Glam

If you have a fixation for wedding dresses and planning to have the best wedding dress when the time comes, follow the glam. Keep up with the wedding fashion of celebrities and royalty. You can get several ideas for your dream wedding gown; mix and match some styles, and copy accessories that would impress yourself and your wedding guests.

wedding dresses

While you are still waiting for your dream wedding or for your man to pop the question, keep a vigilant watch on wedding dresses to keep up with changing styles. It’s the glam of your wedding dress and beautiful bride that will make your man proud as peacock when you march down the aisle.

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