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Top 5 Beautiful Long Sleeve Wedding Dresses

For a bride, her wedding dress is one of the most importantand emotional part of her wedding, if not more important than the groom. There is almost nothing else that would make her feel so special on her wedding as her wedding dress. Therefore, it is extremely important to find the right wedding gown. When it comes to choosing a gown that provides more coverage area, most brides think that they do not have many options. However, the fact is that there are many different types of long sleeve dresses to choose from.

long sleeve wedding dresses

Here is a list of 5 extremely beautiful long sleeve wedding dresses for you to select from.

1.      Juliet Sleeve Wedding Dress:

This is simply one of the trendiest styles in wedding gowns having long sleeves. In this case, the sleeve would be winded at the shoulders around half a foot below the shoulder. For the rest of the length up to the wrist, it would be tight fitting. If you are wearing frilly bridal dresses, Juliet sleeves would be ideal. However, if you have fuller arms, then it is not recommended, as it would make you appear fat. If you are slender, this long sleeve wedding dress style would be the right choice for you.

2.      Poet Sleeve Wedding Dress:

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The next option you have for an elegant looking long sleeve wedding dress is in the form of poet sleeve gown. They feature appealing patterns having sleeves that are pleated at the shoulder. They would either go on from the shoulder to the wrist or just under the elbow to get pleated again. If you choose the one that is pleated under the elbow, it can be further extended up to the wrist.

3.      Bell Sleeve Wedding Dress:

Bell sleeve dresses also make the ideal choice as a long sleeved wedding dress. Long bell sleeves are highly recommended for brides who have fuller arms.

4.      Illusion Sleeve Wedding Dress:

If you want to choose something of a classic long sleeve wedding dress, then an illusion sleeve wedding dress is the right choice. They would be usually found in semi transparent or tightly transparent full sleeves. Even though, your arms would be covered, the semi transparent or transparent material would help in avoiding the covered up looks.

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5.      Slits Sleeve Wedding Dress:

If you are a bride with plus size, then the wedding dress with slitsleeve patterns would be a good choice. This is a style choice to help accentuate your features.

When choosing any of these beautiful long sleeve wedding dresses, you would have to consider two options. Either you can choose the same material for the wedding dress as for your clothes or you can choose something entirely different.

When you use the same material, it is best to leave out the lining and get some beautiful illusion sleeves. It would specifically look superb along with some netted material. When you want to choose apopular sleeve, you would have lots of options. In case the wedding dress has a single color, it is possible to use high contrast or get an appropriate shade for your sleeves.

You must also choose a belt or a bow or ribbon or some decorations that match the color on the dress’ main body. Last but not the least, keep in mind that for long sleeve wedding dresses, it would be a good thing gives a certain level of detailing to the sleeves even if they have the same material and color.

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