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A Guide to Choosing The Right Sleeve Length for Your Wedding Gown

A Guide to Choosing The Right Sleeve Length for Your Wedding Gown

Wedding dresses come in all sizes, shapes and patterns. To choose a suitable wedding dress, there are several factors that the bride has to pay attention to. One of these is the sleeve length. The right size determines your wedding day look and helps you feel comfortable and confident.

Additionally, the sleeve length suggests whether a dress suits the type of wedding you have planned. For example, strapless gowns are not usually modest enough for traditional church weddings.

Let us now look at the various types of sleeves that wedding dresses feature and what characterizes them.

Cap sleeves

These cover just the uppermost portion of the shoulders and look like an extension of the neckline. There is no fabric under the arms, and the sleeve resembles a wide strap. While adding a subtle touch to a dress, this sleeve still keeps the dress modern.

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Spaghetti straps

Resembling thin ribbons, these straps offer support to the upper section of the gown while being slender and looking sleek. When scintillating elements are used on the straps, it adds a touch of modernity to a wedding dress.

Sleeveless and strapless

Sleeveless gowns have fabric at the shoulder, supporting the bust, whereas strapless dresses are held up by internal support. The shift starts close to the figure and hence is lower in the case of a strapless gown. It is necessary to find the right fit, so the neckline doesn’t keep shifting.

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T-shirt sleeves

These may be flat or inflated, and the length falls between a cap-sleeve and a three-fourth sleeve. It offers modest coverage, and the sleeve’s length draws attention to the bust.

Three-fourth sleeves

The sleeve slightly extends to below the elbow and slips. Three-fourths of lace sleeves have a vintage touch and can be classic without looking too old-fashioned.

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Either done narrowly or to loosely cover the entire arm length, long-sleeves are formal and often feature buttons at the wrist, making them easy to wear.

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Butterfly and bell sleeves

These sleeves fall gently over the arm and loosely fit the entire length. At the same time, bell sleeves flare out at the wrist, butterfly sleeves ripple and flutter and can be of any size. They add a touch of detail to the arms and are usually fashioned in lace with floral motifs.

Juliet sleeves

A classic favourite with designers, it features a puff at the shoulder, which continues into a fitted long sleeve at the wrist.

When choosing the length of your wedding dress sleeves, consider the effect you want to create. The hemline of the sleeve directs attention to the part of the body where it ends. So, if you’re going to look taller and slimmer, opt for long sleeves, while if you want to draw focus to your decolletage, shoulders and arms, choose sleeveless or strapless. If you love a gown, but it doesn’t have sleeves as you wanted, you can consider adding a sheer or mock bolero to add the sleeves you want, or have sleeves added in the same material as the dress has. It is only a matter of customizing your wedding dress to suit your taste.

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