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Style Tips For The Modern Bride

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If you’re not the old-fashioned type who wants a traditional wedding dress and veil, you’re not alone. Many fashion-conscious brides feel uncomfortable with puffy princess gowns and sparkling tiaras.

If you’re the modern type, you may prefer to wear clean lines or riskier, couture-inspired styles on your special wedding day. These sleek, cutting-edge designs can look wonderful, since they are generally quite body-conscious – without being tight or tacky. Any women can look beautiful in modern designs – they streamline a voluptuous figure with careful tailoring, and they also give a leaner build a runway-ready silhouette…

When you’re at the bridal boutique, look for straighter styles, such as sheath dresses. Experiment with shorter gowns – they can be quite chic and they always send a modern message…

Modern style is about looking fresh and polished. You should not appear to be trying too hard to be feminine or sexy…it’s about easy elegance and confidence! To get the perfect effect, you need to find the ultimate white wedding dress, bridal rings, and other important wedding accessories.

With a modern aesthetic, nothing should be overdone…beading and embellishments are generally scaled-down and subtle…if not absent altogether. For the modern bride-to-be, minimalism and spare, arty design elements can be very appealing..and flattering. Here are some tips on creating a chic, modern vibe at your wedding:

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Focus On One Detail – You can still have drama while embracing the modern aesthetic…simply choose one detail of your wedding outfit, and go for stand-out style. A simple hairband with an outsize flower attached (such as the one worn by the model at the top of the page) can add charm and whimsy to a sleek, tea-length bridal dress.

When doing your makeup and hair, it’s also good to focus on one special detail for each. For example, consider a sleek modern up-do, with some interesting style details in the back. Tiny braids woven into the bun or chignon, or a hair-wrapped low ponytail can be lovely. Your creative hair elements should not detract from your overall modern look – they should always be subtle and low-key.

When you do your makeup, focus on eyes or lips, but not both. Modern makeup artists only highlight one feature when they do realistic, wearable makeup for magazines and the runway. A wash of sheer color on the eyes, a faint flush on the cheekbones, and a soft, velvety matte-finish lipstick in a fresh color can be great ways to keep things modern.

If you want to highlight your eyes, consider a thin line of silver-blue eyeliner along the top and bottom lashes. Gwenyth Paltrow, known for her modern style, often pairs this eyeliner look with a sleek dress, flat-ironed hair, and wild shoes (her one bold detail). She generally keeps her lip color soft, using a pale pink lipstick or soft, cool pink gloss (try Chanel Glossimer in Charming). Now and then, she will take the focus off of her eyes and do a vibrant, matte red lip with a neutral eye (shadows in taupe and icy champagne work well for this).

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Modern colors are often cool in tone – silver, blue-gray, white and black are always chic and minimalist. Using these colors in your eye makeup can give you a modern effect, as long as the finishes are sheer and eyeliner, mascara, etc. is expertly applied. However, so much depends on your natural coloring…for example, a redhead with a peaches-and-cream complexion will look more modern in warm tones that blend with the tones of her skin and hair…

Diamond Luxury Can Be Also Be Modern And Wearable

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Your bridal rings should be chosen with care – you will be wearing them every day! Some women are very active, and they prefer a sleeker, flatter engagement ring/wedding band set that won’t catch on things and get in the way. The stunning piece featured above is a stellar example of a modern wedding band that still offers total luxury. Sleek links, crafted from glam 21k white gold, offer a touch of cool, industrial style, while diamond accents provide subtle, elegant shimmer.

This wearable design is meant to be treasured for a lifetime, and it will go with everything in the modern bride’s wardrobe. In general, white gold and silver are more modern than yellow gold. However, you should feel free to break the fashion rules whenever you like – it’s your wedding and you should always make choices that feel right to you!

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Adding modern elements to your reception’s table settings, your wedding invitations and wedding flowers, and even your menu (think fresh and local) will be great ways to reinforce your theme on the big day. Guests will love the chic, fresh vibe!

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  1. I wanted to have a modern gown instead of other style in my day, but I would also try on a variety of dresses to see which really fit to my body and most comfortable to me. Thank you for this beautiful post.

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