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Show Your Gratitude: Unique Ways to Make Your Bridesmaids Feel Incredibly Valued!

How To Be a Bridesmaid in a Wedding Party: The General Expectations of a Key Member of the Bridal Party

Written by Nicole Rosen of Bliss Wedding Design & Spectacular Events
Edited by Jeannine Bourque of Bliss Wedding Design & Spectacular Events

Just as every gal needs her gal pals, every bride needs her Bride Tribe. Your friends have been by your side and through it all with you, possibly even before the man of your dreams ever entered your life. They are an important part of your past, present, and future — so make sure they know just how much you love and appreciate them. What better way to show your besties how important they are to you than by asking them to be by your side as you plan and celebrate your wedding? Here are some ways to go above and beyond in order to show your bridesmaids just how special they are to you.

Before Your Wedding:

First, you must ask her if she will be your bridesmaid. If your gal pals all live close enough, having them over for a surprise bridal party is a fun way to pop the big question. It can be as casual or Pinterest-worthy as you want it to be, the important thing is that they are all there and able to get excited along with you. Especially if some of your bridesmaids don’t know each other, this is the perfect opportunity for everyone to bond over their shared interest, YOU and your wedding! So buy balloons, cute cards and gifts, then pop the champagne and pop the question!

If your ladies live too far away for a get-together, sending a care package is a sweet way to ask for her hand in bridesmaid. A thoughtfully written card outlining how you met and why she is important to you will mean a lot to her. You can even throw in a few blast-from-the-past photos of you two together to really yank on those nostalgic heartstrings. We know you still have hilarious photos from when you dressed up like roller derby girls for Halloween or from that fantastic trip to Palm Springs, so this is a great time to dig up those memories.

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For gift ideas, Etsy has adorable glasses that you can have custom made, so your bridesmaids can spend the next several months leading up to your wedding sipping from a personalized “Bride Tribe” glass while planning on ways to make your day extra special. In addition, supplying your bridesmaids with nail polish they can wear on the big day or jewelry that will go with their dresses are fun ways to get them excited about your wedding day.

During your planning process, make sure to keep her in the loop. Asking for your bridesmaids’ opinions on your dress, the color palette, florals, and other important details will be both helpful to you and a great way to make her feel included. These are your best friends, after all, their opinions are gold!

As for their bridesmaid look, getting their input will make them feel important. Allow their own personalities to shine on the big day and eliminate some of the bridal pressure of decision making. Let’s be honest, when you are planning your wedding, there are a million different decisions to be made, and just as many options, so allowing your bridesmaids to help decide on their dresses, jewelry and/or hairstyle will allow you to check one more thing off of that long and exciting list. Furthermore, by allowing your bridesmaids to have input on their wedding attire, you will be making sure that they feel comfortable and attractive, and nothing is more beautiful than happiness and confidence. For example, you could decide on a color for the bridesmaids’ dresses and let each girl pick her own style of dress. However you decide to incorporate your bridesmaids’ opinions, really listen to them and make sure they all feel self-confident in the decision.

During Your Wedding:

Things can get a bit hectic on the wedding day, so don’t forget to celebrate! Make sure to schedule enough time to primp and prep before your guests arrive. If you and your Bride Tribe decide to have a slumber party the night before the big day, the celebrations can start even sooner! A bottle of bubbly, mani/pedis, Vitamin-C-infused face masks for glowing skin, and fan-favorite chick-flicks are just a few basic ingredients that will guarantee a great night with the gals.

If you opted for the slumber party idea (we highly recommend it, after all, this is the last night before you are a married woman) then a breakfast spread for you and your girls is a must the morning of. With the jam-packed wedding-day schedule starting with hair and makeup and ending with late-night dancing, it is important to fuel up with energy and antioxidant-rich foods like berries, yogurt, green smoothies and savoury breakfast dishes. Skip the high sugary foods like donuts, pancakes and pastries to avoid an early sugar-crash or accidental hangry backlash. After you eat (you will be thanking us later) it is time to get ready. One of our favorite additions to any wedding prep soiree are matching robes. Having everyone wear getting-ready robes is so festive and fashionable and the photographs always turn out adorable.

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The morning of is a great opportunity to gift your Bride Tribe. Whether you give them a personalized thank you card, jewelry, a cute hangover kit, or matching yet personalized sunglasses (which are perfect for an outdoor summer wedding), your bridesmaids will love the sentiment.

After Your Wedding:

After the celebrations, thank them again for all their hard work and support during your wedding journey. A framed photo or photo album of your bridal party, bachelorette, and wedding shenanigans will be treasured for days. If you really want to turn up the wow factor, you can plan a spa-inspired post-wedding party. Pamper yourselves at a local spa (our favourite spa for a luxurious bridal soiree here on Maui is Spa Grande at The Grand Wailea Resort) or create a DIY spa at your house. Set up the slide projector and stream photos from your wedding journey, pour yourselves a few drinks, reminisce and relax. Because honestly, after the “I dos” you may not be quite ready to stop celebrating! And why should you stop? They are your bridesmaids and besties for life, so as far as we’re concerned, you never should stop celebrating your friendships!


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  1. I like the idea of having a breakfast or a dinner together before the wedding. That brings everyone together for one last time and you can have some fun before the wedding day.

  2. Taking some of the attention from myself and passing it onto the bridesmaids is a good idea to help them feel special. It is also a special day for them as they are your closest friends in most cases.

  3. Besides a little spa date before the wedding I was going to try and get each of them a gift that is personalized for them.

  4. I feel it is very important they feel good about the day as well. These tips will be just perfect.

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