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DIY Wedding Thank You Cards

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Handmade thank you cards do not need to be complicated or costly to be sensational. Simplicity is best. By keeping the design simple, the couple can create the cards together without added stress. Also, a simple design looks more polished and professional. Here are some ideas for simple designs for DIY wedding thank you cards.

Craft stores sell blank greeting cards and envelopes. These are easy to use as a foundation for the handmade wedding thank you cards. Using these cards allows the couple to skip the process of cutting and folding cardstock.

The craft stores also sell many useful items for creating cards. You can create your own design by selecting a large rubberstamp or a set of stamps as well as the ink. The scrapbook section of many craft stores have a wide selection of stamps as well as inks and other embellishments you could use.

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A favorite photograph of the couple can be used as the front of a postcard. Simply cut white cardstock to create a border around the photograph. Attach the photo to the cardstock with double-sided tape. The thank you message can be written on the back of the photograph postcard. One couple wore their thank you message in the photo. They dressed in t-shirts that said “Thank You!” One t-shirt said “Thank you,” while the other had the exclamation point.

Colorful yarn can be used to decorate the front of the handmade card. An easy design of flowers or “Thank You” can be outlined in yarn on each card. You can create a template out of cardboard and trace the template on each card. Then, add glue along the traced lines and add the yarn.

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Using paper cutouts are an easy way to make a sophisticated card. A cutout card uses two colors that complement each other, usually two shades of the same color. For example, the chosen design might be a flower cut from a dark rose color on a lighter pink background. Sunflowers on two shades of yellow would make a nice, cheery card.

Patterned scrapbooking paper could be used for the background behind the cutout of the DIY wedding thank you cards. An easy way to create a cute thank you card is to choose a light colored cardstock and a patterned paper that has the same color in it. Cut and fold a piece of cardstock for a card or postcard. Cut the desired shape for your paper cutout from another piece of the cardstock. Cut a piece of the patterned paper slightly smaller than the front of the card so that the cardstock becomes a border for the patterned paper. Use double-sided tape or glue to attach the patterned paper to the card. Then, add the cutout on top of the patterned paper.

A thank you email or digital greeting card is considered a violation of wedding etiquette. If crafts are not a fun project for you, consider ordering personalized Thank You cards online. Some websites allow you to create cards with a wedding photo or photograph from your honeymoon on the front of the thank you cards.

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For more DIY wedding tips and other fun wedding ideas, browse the Best for Bride blog. The blog contains information to help make wedding planning more relaxing and enjoyable.

2 thoughts on “DIY Wedding Thank You Cards

  1. Thanks you for giving me an idea how to DIY a wedding thank you cards. I like it! I must remember these for when I get married! It’s much easier to make something simple but effective when you have so many to spent!

  2. I personally would like to get a hand written card. I think it means more to those that are getting them. When I am married next October, I plan to do the same with custom cards I will have made for the occasion.

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