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Wedding Dress Trends

As with any area of fashion, wedding dress designs are always evolving. Designers have unveiled their newest wedding dresses. There are some interesting trends among the new designs. Nowadays wedding dress trends include romantic, flowing fabric and two-piece wedding dresses. Which of the following trends is your favorite?

Sleek Modernism

Some fashion-forward wedding dresses emphasize a minimalistic approach to fashion. The sleek, no-frills wedding dress may be the perfect choice for the modern bride. If you wince at layers of lace and ruffles, you may want to take a look at the simple and elegant sheath designs among today’s hot trends.

Poufy, Flowing Skirts

Contrasting with the sleek modernism trend is the flowing layers of poufy ball gown wedding dresses. The newest designs involve layers of light fabric that create a flowing fullness to the wedding dresses.

Two-Piece Wedding Dresses

A daring new look is the crop top wedding dress. Some of these two-piece wedding dresses show the bride’s abdomen. Other two-piece wedding dress designs are more subtle with the top ending close or over the waist of the skirt. If you are looking for shock value or something unconventional, consider this exciting new trend in wedding dresses.


Many brides are opting for light colors, and designers are answering the call. Silvery colors like a smoky gray, light blue, and lilacs are a favorite. Some designers are including some bolder colors as well.

Wedding Dress Necklines

It seems as though some designers have grown tired of the classic necklines of wedding dresses. Dramatic necklines are the hot wedding dress trend. Unique cuts, bustier styles, and plunging v-necks are becoming more popular.

Wedding Dress Sweaters?

Yes! Some designers have created wedding dresses with sweaters. The top may be a sweater or the gown may come with a sweater that is open in the front. This unusual style has a element of feeling cozy and down to earth while being stylish and bold.

Shoulder Embellishments

There are three hot wedding dress trends that are focused on the shoulders. Capelets, shoulder streamers, and draped shoulder beading are new styles that many designers are embracing. A capelet is a very short cape. Some new capelet designs only cover the shoulders. The capelet does not reach the neckline. In other designs, the capelet covers part of the bodice or the entire bodice. Shoulder streamers are strips of flowing, light fabric attached to the shoulder of the wedding dress. The popular draped beading designs are strings of beads of varying lengths that lay on the shoulder and upper arm.

Even brides who are not concerned with being on the cutting edge of fashion often like to know the current trends. If you are looking for something uniquely new or just don’t want to have an outdated dress, wedding dress trends can help you get ideas for your perfect wedding gown. Brides can find more great tips for finding the perfect wedding dress at Best for Bride.