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Best Groomsmen Gift Ideas

pocket watch
Wedding planning demands a lot of time and attention to details. Sometimes, certain things don’t get as much thought as they should. Groomsmen gifts may be one of those things that don’t benefit from careful planning. In some cases, they are forgotten completely! Eek! Don’t skimp on showing these special men how much you value their time and participation.

The groomsmen gifts don’t have to be expensive to be meaningful. Traditional groomsmen gifts have gotten a bit cliché. The personalized beer glasses, alcohol, shaving kits, watches, and cuff links have become so common that they may have lost their meaning. Unless one of those things truly connects with the groomsmen on a personal level, it seems like a thoughtless token. Consider these trendy groomsmen gift ideas.

Consider the hobbies and interests of the groomsmen. If the groomsmen are football fans, perhaps football jerseys would be the best gifts. One couple got personalized Louisville Slugger baseball bats for each of the groomsmen. Golf-themed gifts are also popular.

Is the backyard barbeque the favorite pastime of your groomsmen? Maybe a grill set with authentic Koko charcoal, spice rubs, grill tools, and personalized grilling apron would be the perfect gifts. If your groomsmen are the DIY gurus of our day, they probably already have the basic tools that they use to complete projects. However, if you know of an upcoming project, you might want to give a special tool that may be useful for that project.

Food and drinks are always a hit. Instead of buying everyone the same gift basket, why not make your own with snacks that you know they love? Some people have given small, personalized coolers to each groomsman filled with their favorite snacks. One couple tied a small bottle of each groomsman’s favorite alcohol on top of the boxes that held their gifts.

Clothing can be a great gift. A graphic t-shirt with great design can be something all the groomsmen would love. One couple gave each of their groomsmen a pair of personalized sneakers. Some personalized sneakers that have been used as gifts for groomsmen have the groomsman’s name vertically on the back of the shoe. This gives the shoe a personal touch without being too garish. Pocket watches are becoming wildly popular groomsmen gifts.

Homemade objects tend to indicate that a great deal of time and thought was put into the gift. Mosaics, garden accents, or wall art can be incredible groomsman gifts. If you’re not the creative crafter, you can get some help with a website that sells handcrafted items like Etsy or There are vast possibilities on these sites from personalized pocket knives to upcycled pallet wall art to messenger bags with vintage graphics.

For more ways to make your wedding a remarkable success for everyone involved, please visit the Best for Bride blog.

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How to co-ordinate your bridesmaids and groomsmen wedding day looks

Your bridesmaids and groomsmen will share the frame in many of your wedding pictures. So, it is necessary that their looks are well-planned and go together. Coordinating your bridesmaids dresses and groomsmen attires will help you do this. If you are not sure of how to go about it, here is some help. We bring you three great ideas to get this done at your wedding. So, read on.

Matching Bows and ties for mismatched bridesmaids dresses


The current trend is to go with mismatched bridesmaids dresses, so each girl looks unique. Despite this, there is usually, a cohesive element that brings their looks together. Use this element to plan the groomsmen outfits. If the color palette is the same, get the guys bows or ties in the same shades as the corresponding bridesmaid dress. If it is the fabric that is the same, choose ties that have a similar texture and they will go together. For bridesmaids dresses from the Alfred Angelo collection, you can also find coordinated bows and ties for most of the dresses at Bows n Ties.

Match your bridesmaids dress color to the vest or pocket square

Matching the tie is the easy option. But, if you don’t mind going the extra mile to co-ordinate both the men and women in another style, choose the same color for the vest and dress, or have the pocket in the same color. The only thing you need to remember when doing this is that you should choose bridesmaids dresses in colors that can possibly be incorporated into the groomsmen outfits. Colors like gray, chocolate, beige, navy, yellow or black should be possible options.

Match the colors to the boutonniere


If you do not want the same color pattern for the bridesmaids dresses and groomsmen ties or vests, consider matching the color of the dress to the boutonniere. This is especially good in cases where your bridesmaids dress colors are unusual or awkward with dark tuxes. For orange bridesmaids dresses with a ruffled texture, have the boutonniere with orange roses or chrysanthemums, and you will not only replicate the colors, but also the texture. Keep the palette consistent, but vary the hues and you will have a stylish and chic mix.

Play with patterns

Now what do you do if your bridesmaids are to wear dresses that are entirely different in fabric, cut and print? It is simple! Just do the same with your groomsmen. Assuming that you will have one shade that will tie all the dresses together, make sure that the men too have this color incorporated into their attires, and all will be good. Why should women have all the fun? If your girls are going for patterned dresses, go wild with the prints on the ties too. Just make sure that they don’t look completely disjoint and confused when both groups come together.

To find bridesmaids dresses for all these groups, visit our collection at Best for Bride and you will find something for everyone. Head over to Bows and Ties for matching pieces for the guys, and you will have everything sorted out in no time.


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Tips for Decorating the Wedding Getaway Car

wedding limo

The tradition of the bride and groom leaving the reception in a car with a “Just Married” sign and trailing cans tied to the bumper is not a popular as it once was. Newlyweds are lingering at the receptions longer. It’s common for many guests to leave before the bride and groom. The nice part about a dwindling tradition is that a couple can use the tradition in a big way to end the reception with a bang. Here are some tips if you want to make a grand exit in a decorated wedding getaway car.

Classic cars are a popular choice for wedding getaway cars. Some couples choose to rent a limousine instead. Motorcycles and sports cars are other options for getaway cars. If the vehicle is rented, be sure to check any rules about decorating the car. While many people opt to use shaving cream to decorate a car thinking that the fluffy substance is safe, shaving cream actually can damage the paint. Besides, you can do much better than shaving cream to make a statement.

Traditionally, the groomsmen decorate the getaway car. However, many times the entire wedding party gets involved. Before deciding on decorations, check what car will be used and get any necessary permission to decorate it. If the couple is borrowing or renting the car, those decorating will need to check to see what decorations are allowed. Some limo companies have been known to charge the bride and groom a hefty cleaning fee for removing decorations.

Safety is of the utmost importance. No decorations should block the driver’s view. Things hanging from the bumper could become a hazard. Hanging cans from the car is illegal in some locations. The decorations should not cause any damage to the vehicles. Avoid using decorations like silly string which could cause stains on the wedding dress if the bride brushes up against it.

Ribbons and flower arrangements can be used to decorate the hood and the back of the vehicle. One couple used a classic pickup truck with a gorgeous fall flower arrangement across the back bumper. Balloons and streamers can be used to create a fun look.

The bridal party can create an elegant look that is fun and vibrant. Selecting a simple color scheme can pull the look together. Using random colored balloons and streamers turns the wedding getaway car into a clown car or something from a child’s birthday party. Instead, consider using two colors that complement the color of the car or match the wedding colors. Use white liberally. A car with decorations of white and one other color is a great way to create a sophisticated look.

A “Just Married” sign is a common choice. Some choose to have a sign with an alternative such as “Finally Hitched,” “Tied the Knot,” or “Mr. & Mrs.” The bridal party can choose a saying that is humorous or personal rather than a typical choice. The sign should let others know that these two special people just got married. Browse the Best for Bride blog for more tips on creating a memorable wedding.

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Renewing your Vows – A guide to making it perfect

via pixabay
via pixabay

Mignon McLaughlin said, “A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person.”

Is there a better way to fall in love all over again, than by renewing your vows and saying “I still do”? It gives you an opportunity to celebrate your love and togetherness in the best way you can imagine.

The rules of a traditional wedding do not confine you on this occasion. Whether you choose to have an elaborate ceremony, celebrate it at an exotic location abroad, or have a party with just your close family and friends, it is entirely up to you. All that matters is that you enjoy the occasion, and renew your promise of continuing on the journey of life together.

Here are some tips to help you plan and make the most, of this special day in your life.

Traditional or contemporary, choose to have fun

Unlike your wedding day, there are no rules to conducting this ceremony. You can choose to have an officiant to preside over it, or  just be creative and find an interesting alternative.

You could exchange your original vows, or even make up new ones that are more apt in your current situation.

Discuss how you would like to celebrate the occasion with your spouse, and plan a ceremony that the two of you would equally enjoy.

Plan the perfect attire

7161There are no rules here. You could always use this opportunity to bring out your wedding gown once again, as long as it fits!

However, wouldn’t it be more fun, to dress up in a dress that’s different from a wedding gown? Think cocktail dresses, evening dresses or even a casual frock for a chic, fun ceremony. Match your attire to the formality of the event. When the bride and the groom complement each other, it is a pleasant sight. This is your chance to look romantic, fashionable and gorgeous, so make the most of it.

Ideas to make it enjoyable

Unless you decide to go all out and have a grand celebration, renewing vows are normally intimate occasions that involve just your close friends and family. Make it more fun by involving them too. Choose an interesting theme and have your children be your bridesmaids and groomsmen. The young children of the family could be flower girls, ushers or accompany the bride down the aisle.

Being married for so long is a real accomplishment, so you can symbolize it by exchanging engraved rings to honor your love. Bring back the memories of your wedding day, by decorating your venue with photographs of your wedding day. Display before and after pictures of yourselves, have a slideshow of the various milestones in your married life and let the guests join you as you remember these fond memories.

This is the day when you are free to enjoy all that you wanted to the first time, but couldn’t. Dance together to favorite tunes, and wiggle to some fun music too. Make the most of this occasion to pause and reflect on what your life together has been all about.

Best for Bride has the perfect choice of dresses that can help you look just as beautiful when you renew your vows, as you did on your wedding day. Visit us online and take a look at what we have to offer.