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Best Groomsmen Gift Ideas

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Wedding planning demands a lot of time and attention to details. Sometimes, certain things don’t get as much thought as they should. Groomsmen gifts may be one of those things that don’t benefit from careful planning. In some cases, they are forgotten completely! Eek! Don’t skimp on showing these special men how much you value their time and participation.

The groomsmen gifts don’t have to be expensive to be meaningful. Traditional groomsmen gifts have gotten a bit cliché. The personalized beer glasses, alcohol, shaving kits, watches, and cuff links have become so common that they may have lost their meaning. Unless one of those things truly connects with the groomsmen on a personal level, it seems like a thoughtless token. Consider these trendy groomsmen gift ideas.

Consider the hobbies and interests of the groomsmen. If the groomsmen are football fans, perhaps football jerseys would be the best gifts. One couple got personalized Louisville Slugger baseball bats for each of the groomsmen. Golf-themed gifts are also popular.

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Is the backyard barbeque the favorite pastime of your groomsmen? Maybe a grill set with authentic Koko charcoal, spice rubs, grill tools, and personalized grilling apron would be the perfect gifts. If your groomsmen are the DIY gurus of our day, they probably already have the basic tools that they use to complete projects. However, if you know of an upcoming project, you might want to give a special tool that may be useful for that project.

Food and drinks are always a hit. Instead of buying everyone the same gift basket, why not make your own with snacks that you know they love? Some people have given small, personalized coolers to each groomsman filled with their favorite snacks. One couple tied a small bottle of each groomsman’s favorite alcohol on top of the boxes that held their gifts.

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Clothing can be a great gift. A graphic t-shirt with great design can be something all the groomsmen would love. One couple gave each of their groomsmen a pair of personalized sneakers. Some personalized sneakers that have been used as gifts for groomsmen have the groomsman’s name vertically on the back of the shoe. This gives the shoe a personal touch without being too garish. Pocket watches are becoming wildly popular groomsmen gifts.

Homemade objects tend to indicate that a great deal of time and thought was put into the gift. Mosaics, garden accents, or wall art can be incredible groomsman gifts. If you’re not the creative crafter, you can get some help with a website that sells handcrafted items like Etsy or There are vast possibilities on these sites from personalized pocket knives to upcycled pallet wall art to messenger bags with vintage graphics.

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5 thoughts on “Best Groomsmen Gift Ideas

  1. I never even thought about this. I might have to get this figured out soon, our wedding is in like a month.

  2. I always thought it was a great idea to have a gift for them. It helps to appreciate what they all did to get you ready for a wedding day.

  3. I like the idea of customizing each basket. Thank you for the tip!

  4. Golf is huge for our area and our friends. My soon to be wife and I decided to go that route.

  5. I like the idea of giving a wallet that is embroidered with the date and occasion on the inside. They get something functional that allows them to remember the time and date of the anniversary.

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