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7 ideas to pamper and prep your groom


Don’t we often forget that there are two people who are special on the wedding day? Yes, it’s a fact! All of us tend to focus entirely on the bride and all that she needs to get set for her big wedding day. Isn’t it a pity that her Prince Charming is often overlooked, and enters the scene pretty much just on the wedding day?

So, this time we decided to shine the spotlight on the bridegroom, for a change. So, brides, listen up! This article is for your soon-to-be husband! After all, it’s a milestone event for him too, and you could offer some help in the grooming department, to ensure he looks his very best on the big day.

Let us first look at some advice on the basics that are to be taken care of.

# Plan ahead

While the bride is usually preparing for the wedding months in advance, bridegrooms usually don’t have any action plan. Most brides spend a few hours with their make-up artist and hairstylist, to get ready for the wedding ceremony. On the other hand, the groom’s not involved in such elaborate preparations. All he does is take a shower, have a shave and splash some cologne.

Well, it’s time things changed. If your groom has to look just as good as you, make sure that he too gets his fair share of attention. Get going by planning his wedding day look well in advance. Decide all that he can do to look his best from head to toe, and set an action plan and time-line for when he will do each item on the list.

# His hairstyle means a great deal


One of the most important things that determine your overall wedding day look is your hairstyle. The same applies to your groom too. One that flatters his facial features and suits his personality will be best. So, make sure that he plans his hairstyle for the day in advance. It is a good idea to have a trial run few months ahead of the wedding. This way, if he isn’t too happy, he will have time to outgrow it. Have him do his trial runs six to eight months before the wedding, so he has sufficient time to try various hairstyles and find the one that he wishes to wear to the wedding. Finally, get this haircut done no earlier than a week before the wedding day, so it looks fresh.

#Another essential—skincare

You know how you obsess over cleansing, toning and moisturizing, every single day? Ask your partner to join in the fun, and his skin will thank him for the care. Convince him of it’s importance, make sure he does it regularly and the difference will be evident in just a few days. Everyone loves a clean, glowing face—whether it is on a man or a woman. So, he deserves to pamper his skin a little extra and prepare for the big day. It will be when you see your wedding pictures that he will realize that the effort was worth it. Moreover, it is just a matter of few minutes a day. He will hardly notice the spent this time on it, but we guarantee that if he sticks to it regularly, the results will prove why we stress this so much.

#Eat and drink healthy

If you want to not only look, but also feel good and confident, you should not only pay attention to what you do on the outside, but also what goes inside your body. Let your engagement be the time for both of you to start off with a healthy lifestyle. Eat balanced meals, cut out the junk and drink plenty of fluids, and your body will revel in the care you administer it. Anti-oxidant rich foods will reduce the occurrence of acne and blemishes, and save a lot of trouble. Keep yourselves hydrated all the time, and this will not only help your skin and hair look and feel better, it will also rejuvenate you. Exercise is another big essential for men and women alike. Have your groom include exercise in his daily routine and it will help him be fit and trim in time for your wedding. Start easy, and slowly easy into a daily exercise routine of at least half an hour a day.

#Cut down on alcohol and smoke, and stay away from the sun

Some habits are more damaging than you may realize. Alcohol, cigarettes and the sun are the three biggest causes of damage to health. Your bridegroom should regularly use sunscreen when he steps out of the house, or all that extra care will go down the drain. By reducing his intake of alcohol and cutting down on cigarettes, his overall health will improve and his skin will reflect the positive change.

Now that you know what are the basic requirements for your fiance to be in best shape for the wedding day, it’s time to move into the details of preparing for the wedding day itself.

Here are ten ideas to pamper and prepare the bridegroom for one of the biggest events in his lifetime—his wedding day.


1.Have a Mani and Pedi

Think of how the camera will focus on his hands too, when your photographer clicks pictures of your wedding rings! Don’t you think he can benefit from a manicure for this reason? The men of the previous generations invested time and money into grooming themselves well. They knew that neat, clean nails made a man look sophisticated and well put-together. Don’t you agree? Why don’t you search out a men’s salon that offers these services in your area. This way, he will not disagree to attending an appointment there. If your partner is entirely against the idea of getting his nails done, the least he can do is to soak his hands and feet in soapy water and moisturize it to prevent the formation of calluses. Or, book him in for a foot spa which he cannot refuse. This will not only help him relax his tired feet, but will also have it looking much better than it originally did.



2.Visit a professional hair salon for a shave

For his wedding day, ask him to get a professional shave instead of the regular quick shave at home. After all, he does this by himself every day of his life and deserves to have it done by someone else for once. It doesn’t take too long, and all he needs is a prior appointment so things go as per plan. Ask him to pull in his best man or another groomsman, and he can make it more fun. If he has a styled beard, we think it is necessary that he does a sample run at the salon he will be visiting, before his wedding day. You do not want his look to be drastically altered on the wedding day, because the stylist didn’t understand what he wanted. Now, if he is very particular that he will do it himself, here are some tips to get the best results.

  • A brand new straight-edge razor is absolutely necessary to get a clean-shaven look
  • Placing a hot wet towel on the face, prior to shaving will open up the pores and help attain a closer and cleaner shave
  • Should cuts or nicks occur, a styptic pencil can stop the bleeding
  • For beards and mustaches, they should first be combed, and then trimmed

3.Get rid of excess facial hair

Some men have excess or unattractive facial hair on the ears or in the nose. Some men also have excessively bushy eyebrows with plenty of stray hairs. Have the stray hairs on the eyebrows trimmed during the week before the wedding. Remember to only take out the excess, and not alter the overall look by making it thin. Similarly tweeze away the nose hairs and those on the ear for a clean and polished look. Either use a nose hair trimmer for the purpose, or go with the traditional tweezer. It is less painful when done soon after a bath, when the skin pores are open. Or, he can lay a hot towel on the area first, and then progress with tweezing it.

4.Have a refreshing facial

Facials are not just for women. There are facials specifically aimed at men, and these can do wonders in rejuvenating their skin. Get your groom to have a facial during the week leading up to your wedding day. It will keep his skin radiant, fresh and free from blemishes. If he has acne scars, getting a couple of them during the months leading up to the wedding can reduce the color and visibility considerably. The massage and cleansing of the skin will also help your groom relax and enjoy the experience. As his skin is exfoliated and dead cells are removed, it will look more vibrant. If he is dead against it, you can ask him to do one that is suitable for his skin by himself. Buy a suitable facial kit from the drug store and simply follow the instructions on it.

5.Decide on whether he wants a tan or not

This is something that your groom should plan in advance. If he decides to go for it, make sure that he prepares for it at least months in advance. He can either choose to go with a tanning salon or use a self-tanning lotion. If he will be using a self-tanning lotion, he should do it carefully so he achieves a uniform color .

6.Get teeth cleaned or whitened

Your groom will be photographed throughout your wedding day, and this is the opportunity when he cannot shun away from flashing his smile. It isn’t unusual to have stained teeth from drinking coffee, tea and alcohol, or other lifestyle habits. Your groom however, can smile with all his might and show off his sparkling teeth confidently, after a teeth whitening treatment. Professional teeth whitening can be performed in a single session by a qualified dentist. Either fix an appointment with a recommended dentist, or get it done at home using a teeth whitening kit. Either way, the process is quick and painless. Follow the instructions exactly, and there won’t be any issues. Also, ask him to switch over to whitening toothpaste, so he can reduce the stains this way as well.

6.Get the right haircut

We already mentioned that your groom should have an idea of the look he will be wearing to your wedding. A week before the day, is the right time to get his haircut done. This will allow the hair to just grow out of the freshly cut look and still look neat and attractive. During the hair styling session, he should seek the stylist’s advice on how to set his hair perfectly on the day of the wedding. He can practice it at home in the coming days and nail it in time for the wedding. Make sure he uses a good quality styling gel or hairspray, so his hair is locked into the look throughout the day.

7.Choose the right scent

Use your wedding as the occasion to go out and splurge on some great cologne and perfume for your husband-to-be. You can both make the shopping trip together and search for a scent that is different from the one that you both always use. Let it be a wedding special, one that he wears for the first time on this day. It will add a special note to the memories of the day, and whether he chooses to stick with it or saves it for special occasions, it is still worth it. This article on the Men Style Fashion website will provide valuable insight into what you need to know about selecting Men’s Perfume. Check it out.

Now that we’ve covered the needful on pampering and prepping your bridegroom, we hope you will both look equally attractive on your upcoming wedding day. For more wedding tips, advice and shopping needs, continue visiting us at Best for Bride.

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Beauty Tips for summer brides

Two of the most popular wedding seasons are spring and summer. While summer weddings allow you to plan fantastic outdoor soirees, every bride would agree that it is difficult to look fresh throughout the day when the temperature is this high.

Fortunately, we have just the tips you need to make sure that you look great throughout your wedding day and that you look great in your wedding pictures. Follow this guide, and you will be on your way to looking just perfect on your big day.

Prepare ahead of time

This is an essential tip, that has to be followed by every bride, even if she isn’t getting married in summer. Your skin is an organ that needs a lot of attention. Your lifestyle factors, stress, eating and drinking habits and even sleep patterns play a role in how good your skin looks. So, begin taking care of it from the minute you are engaged, if you want it to look great in time for the wedding. Follow the essential skin care routine—cleansing, toning and moisturizing, without fail, and you will notice your skin getting better and responding to your care faster.

Pamper your skin with the best

Make it a point to have facials at least once a week, till the day of your wedding. Consider getting a professional facial as well, as this will clean your skin of build-up and restore its natural glow. Eat a balanced diet, loaded with fresh fruits and vegetables, and drink plenty of water to hydrate from within. Throw out all the old and expired stuff in your makeup bag, and replace it with good quality cosmetics and creams. Also, make sure you get at least 8 hours of sleep everyday, so your skin gets time to repair and restore itself. Don’t forget to wear sunscreen whenever you step out, and stay in the shade at all times.

Choose hydrating products for your skin

During summer, your sweat glands work overtime, and you lose more moisture from your skin surface. Prepare for your wedding day, by layering your skin with a good amount of moisturizer after you properly cleanse it. Don’t skip this step even if you have oily skin. For your bridal makeup, make sure to apply primer. Also choose waterproof makeup, and ones that are enriched with organic ingredients. Carry your compact in your emergency kit, for regular touch ups. Keep tissues handy, to dab off sweat.

Keep the look natural

Summer brides look best when they use makeup sparingly, and stick to the nude makeup style. This article on Divine Caroline suggests that you use lighter textures in your makeup to look fresher. Similarly, with your hair, make sure that it has a natural feel to it, and you don’t choose a hairstyle that looks too dressy or tight. Deep condition your locks and apply a suitable hair product to keep your hair in place throughout the day. It is also a good idea to upgrade from your regular anti-perspirant to one that is of clinical grade, so you can stay fresh for longer.

And most importantly, choose a wedding dress that is breezy, light and feels comfortable in the warm weather. To find one that is just right for the occasion, take a look at our bridal gallery on Best for Bride and you are bound to find the one you’ve always dreamed of.

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Tips to help you Relax and De-stress before your wedding

woman-387510_1280Your engagement is an exciting time, but it can be very stressful too. Wedding planning can leave you feeling overwhelmed, tired and anxious. Before the stress wreaks havoc and turns you into a Bridezilla, stop and take control. Here are some simple tips to help you relieve yourself of wedding planning stress, and make the process easy and manageable.

Plan wisely

It may seem that there is no end to the tasks you have to handle ahead of your wedding, but it isn’t that bad. All you have to do is take it easy and come up with a good plan that can be executed within the available time. Think of the whole wedding planning as a series of small projects, and divide it into small tasks.

Spend some time sorting all that you have to do into lists, and determine the best time to work on each list. Allot the tasks in these lists to each day, week and month. Set reasonable time limits to complete each one. Also set aside some extra time with no designated tasks, so you can use this time for anything that you complete as per plan.

Enlist help

Don’t worry about doing everything yourself. If your parents, friends or relatives offer help, accept it graciously. Can you afford a wedding planner? If yes, enjoy the privilege. Else, consider delegating certain tasks to “part-time” planners, who can expertly handle these jobs. This may be drafting your wedding invitation, decorating the venue, or finding the right vendors to cater to your event. While they do charge a fee for their service, it is worth it. You can supervise the job, but step away from micromanaging as this will again cause unnecessary stress.

Plan your deadlines well-ahead of the big day

This particularly relates to getting your wedding dress, accessories, invitations and bookings done. Draw up the vendor contracts well-ahead of time, book your band or DJ as early as possible and get your honeymoon tickets quickly. While signing contracts, remember to check for what their back-up plan is in case of an emergency. Knowing that there is a Plan B will reduce your anxiety, especially if any aspect of the wedding worries you excessively.

Set aside time to relax and pamper yourself

Make sure that you enjoy this time before your wedding, and prioritize your well-being and health. Treat yourself to a facial or massage. Attend a regular workout or yoga class to get in shape.

A well-rested bride is a happy bride, so don’t skimp on sleep. Also, find time to get together with the people you love. Enjoy your wedding shopping, and don’t rush through things that are important to you. If you feel overwhelmed at any time, pour out your worries to your mother or friend. It’ll help you relax, and they’ll probably have suggestions that you never thought of.

In all the frenzy leading up to the wedding, don’t miss out on the excitement of being a couple in love. Make time for each other, and not let it be entirely about the wedding. Relish every moment, and tackle every situation with a clear head. Look forward to a wonderful wedding day, and it will be just what you dreamed it to be.

For more bridal advice, as well as for all your wedding shopping needs, visit us at Best for Bride.