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Planning and putting together a wedding emergency kit

via Best for Bride

You may have planned every detail of your wedding up to the very last bit, and be certain that everything will progress smoothly without hassles. While this optimism is good, it is also important to remember that a wedding emergency can happen at any time; and believe us when we say they do!

A few helpful items are all it takes to keep you safe and prepared for such situations; these are what make a wedding emergency kit. Let us take a look at what you should pack and carry in your bride’s survival kit.


To decide on what to put into your survival kit, first think of what all could go wrong on the day. This will help you decide on what would be required to fix the issue, if it arises.

Your kit should also include all the things that you will require to freshen up and look great throughout the day. The following list covers all the essentials

  • Water
  • Make-up and nail polish to touch up with
  • Hairspray
  • Compact with mirror
  • Sunscreen if it is an outdoor ceremony
  • Small stash of perfume
  • Comb/hairbrush and bobby pins/hairpins
  • Extra earring backs
  • Emergency sewing kit with needles, thread, buttons, small scissors and safety pins
  • Face towels or wipes
  • Breath mints
  • Nail file
  • Sanitary napkins/tampons
  • Stain removal sheets
  • Vaseline to line your shoes with, if they begin to pinch
  • Scotch tape
  • Aspirin or Paracetamol
  • Band-Aids

Extras that help, and how to pack it all up

You can also add a quick snack like a cereal bar or biscuits; nothing messy, nor ones that crumble. Carry few lint removal sheets and throw in few straws, so you can have a drink before the ceremony, without having to touch up your lipstick.

All these essentials are small items which can be neatly packed into a medium-sized clutch or toiletry bag. You can choose a pretty little bag that is inconspicuous and can be carried around without drawing attention. Put your maid of honor in-charge of it. Make sure she puts it in a place which is easily accessible, so you can get to it whenever the need arises.

You could also put together a similar bridesmaid’s survival kit, for all the likely mishaps your bridal party may end up with. Another one can be arranged for the groom’s party too. These kits could include lint rollers, extra pairs of socks, an emergency sewing kit and corsage pins.

A ready made solution to the rescue

For some brides, just thinking of all that could go wrong on the day can be stressful. If you are such a worry wart, get your mother, sister or friend to put your kit together for you. Or even better, buy a ready made kit that has all the essentials packed neatly and ready to be taken with you on the day.

The Brides Fashion Emergency kit from Best for Bride is such a kit that contains all the essentials to rescue you from any wedding day crisis. Ensure that you are covered for any wedding emergency that may pop up by ordering it for yourself, and put all your wedding day fears to rest.