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Rustic Wedding Chic

Rustic wedding chic is the careful use of country accents combined with romantic decor. Imagine white lace over weathered wood or a white candle set on top of pond rocks. Rustic chic is the pairing of the elegant and refined with the simple, down home elements. Here are some tips for creating a rustic chic wedding.

The rustic chic wedding has to have that theme carried throughout the wedding. Adding one rustic chic element to a traditional classic wedding may look out of place. If the wedding has a country or rustic theme, the rustic chic elements should blend beautifully.

Rustic chic accents include organic props which are things found in nature as well as things associated with country living. Nostalgic accents like antiques are popular for rustic weddings.

Barn weddings and receptions are becoming increasingly popular. A barn wedding can be purely country if no elegant elements are added. The barn wedding can be rustic chic with the use of romantic and classical accents. One couple installed chandeliers in a barn and draped white fabric from the ceiling for their rustic chic wedding decor.

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Wooden accents are a backbone to rustic chic decor. Worn wooden chairs, cross-sections of logs serving under plates of food, weathered wood walls and tables, and small wooden touches like wooden tags on the centerpieces are examples of ways that rustic wedding can incorporate wood throughout the decor.

Other natural materials like dried flowers, stone, and sand can be used in the rustic theme. Also, materials associated with country living like burlap and mason jars are often used in rustic weddings. People can have different ideas of what should be included as country decor. The choices can be personal such as items reminiscent of memories of living in the country.

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You don’t have to go to the extreme of hanging chandeliers in a barn to have an incredible rustic chic wedding. Carry the rustic decor theme to the wedding reception lighting. You can use LED lights in mason jars hung for the ceiling for rustic wedding lighting that creates a romantic glow.

The photo booths at wedding receptions have been way overdone. Many couples are looking for fun alternatives. For a rustic chic wedding, consider creating a photo backdrop with an old fashioned arm chair and some antiques. You might use an antique desk or table to display some of the antiques.

A rustic reception can feature food and drink that reflects the theme. Iced tea and lemonade in glass pitchers may be the perfect drinks to serve. The meal might be something that would be associated with down home cooking rather than something elegant. A common trend among weddings of all styles is to offer milk and cookies towards the end of a lengthy reception. This practice would reflect the down home feel, especially if the glasses reflect country living rather than the champagne flutes used for milk at some weddings.

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  1. Rustic weddings are so romantic. Especially in the summer months with the golden sun in all of the photos. Love it!

  2. I like wedding themes. Rustic is one that is on my list right now.

  3. This is the type of wedding that I want. Now I just have to find the perfect dress for the occassion.

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