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Appropriate Gifts For A Second Wedding

When you are getting married for the second time it is essential to ensure that you don’t breach etiquette by registering for gifts. This is considered tacky because a first wedding is the time to start a gift registry. By the time you are getting married for a second time you should have all the items one would normally include in any gift registry for a wedding. If you don’t, your guests aren’t likely to care.

In 2015 and beyond the most appropriate gifts for a second wedding are often food related. For example, an edible arrangement or a meat and cheese basket is considered a standard gift to give for a second wedding. Unfortunately these rules of etiquette apply even if it is your significant other’s first wedding.

That being said your guests can buy you something as simple as a bottle of wine itself or as complex as a membership to a wine of the month club. These are appropriate gifts for a second wedding because they are not the household items it is presumed you already own.

Another popular choice in gifts for a second wedding is restaurant gift cards. Since they are so easy to obtain these days out of town guests will even be able to purchase gift cards for restaurants that are not located in their hometown. With a lack of expiration dates on gift cards you will be able to use them whenever it is convenient for you so your guests always know their gift will not be wasted.

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food gift basket

The only way proper etiquette allows your guests to purchase kitchen appliances as gifts is if they purchase a specialized appliance that you and your significant other would use and enjoy, such as a pasta, bread or ice cream maker. These appliances are acceptable because they are not the standard appliances everyone has in their kitchen.

Non-traditional gifts given for a second wedding are often more personal gifts than anything you likely got at your first wedding. This is especially true if the majority of the guests at your second wedding were at your first wedding as well.

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In lieu of wedding presents, many second time brides simply ask their guests to make a donation to their favorite charity. If you choose to do this it is always a good idea to contact the charity in advance and let them know what you are doing. Then include all the pertinent information in your communication with your invited guests so that they understand them donating to the charity of your choosing is their wedding gift to you.

To give it more sentimental value, choose a charity that you or your significant other has a personal connection to. For example, if either of you has ever had any type of cancer ask your guests to donate money to the American Cancer Association instead of buying you a gift.

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5 thoughts on “Appropriate Gifts For A Second Wedding

  1. Wow, this was an eye opener. I didn’t know it was tacky to expect gifts for a second wedding. I guess I haven’t been to many seconds now that I think of it. It really does make sense, since you should have collected a few things your first time around and they are hopefully still working. I have to say though, I’d certainly rather have restaurant gift certificates than a meat and cheese tray. Yuck.

  2. this is good item for gift in wedding ..

    1. Yes it is. I am going to try these the next time I am at a 2nd wedding. I KNOW it will happen.

  3. I guess I didn’t think the gifts would be any different. But now that I look at what you have here, it makes sense. After the 1st wedding, things are a little different because they are not as special.

  4. I hope I never have to attend someone’s second wedding, but in that case, I think these are appropriate gifts.

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