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5 Biggest Wedding Dress Mistakes

  1. Bring along your most trusted entourage

Your wedding dress is more than likely going to be the most important dress that you will ever wear in your entire lifetime, so it is important that you pick the right one. Nevertheless, you will more than likely want to bring your friends and family along to be part of this special ritual of dress choosing, but even so, are 10 different opinions really going to make choosing your dress any easier? It’s recommended in bringing just 2 people along with you, perhaps your mother or sister, and perhaps your best friend. These individuals are more than likely going to have your best interests at heart and not what they would like to wear.

  1. Avoid trying on to many bridal dresses

It’s not uncommon for brides to try on hundreds upon hundreds of dresses without finding one that is perfect for them. Typically a bride shouldn’t try on any more than 10 dresses. The more dresses you try on, the more confusion you are likely to cause. “Oh but I like this one, but that one has crystals, this one is prettier”. Abolish these questions by sticking to a limit.

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On the other hand, some brides continue to try on countless dresses because they don’t wish to end the shopping experience. Most little girls dream of trying on countless dresses for their big day, and many brides like to hang on to that dream without committing to a choice. Don’t get distracted by the bountiful amounts of dresses.

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  1. Being Swayed by Steep Discounts

Do not be lured in by the 75% discount of that designer dress in the window. The biggest mistake brides make is choosing to purchase a gown that has an enormous ‘today only’ discount. Not only are you running the risk of impulse buying to save some money, but you could end up with a dress you never really wanted, or may be damaged.

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Heavily discounted dresses have more than likely been worn by countless brides. This means the dress could be stained, torn, or in some way damaged. If you are set on buying a heavily discounted bridal dress, check for damages carefully. If you come across something that cannot be easily fixed, don’t buy! Brides can easily spend hundreds of dollars on fixing a dress.

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  1. Avoid setting your heart on the wrong size

“I am planning on losing weight for my wedding day”. A phrase that is extremely common. Make sure that you play it safe when it comes to sizing your dress and pick something that fits your current size. If you do end up losing weight (congratulations!), your dress can easily be taken in, (usually up to four dress sizes). Or on the other hand, if the diet doesn’t go to plan, dresses can also be let out an entire size without affecting the appearance of the dress.

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  1. Stick with the style you originally planned on

So many brides-to-be walk out of a store, or purchase a wedding dress online with something entirely different than what they originally wanted or planned for. It’s recommended that you bring pictures of the bridal dresses that you like, with you. Nevertheless, if the representative in the store offers you another alternative, give it a try. Not all of our dream dresses suit our shapes girls, and we need to remember that! But with your wedding image snippets, you can keep on the right lights or nearer to the style you were looking for.

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  1. Totally love this article. I think everyone needs to read it and be aware of these things that can cause a pain for the big day!

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