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Planning a Wedding? Keep Those Favor Ideas Coming

Wedding planning, especially when you really take charge of the endeavor, could really take its toll on you especially when you don’t have time as your ally. Sometimes, you find yourself running out of fresh ideas on wedding themes, flower arrangements, wedding favors and even reception venues. When this happens, pushing yourself hard and forcing your brain cells to work is actually a bad idea.

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So, when you find yourself not being in the mood to think about favor ideas, what do you do? How do you ensure that you still get to prepare everything on time? Here are a few suggestions.

Take a Break

Just when you think it is impossible for you to take a break from all that’s related to planning, that’s exactly when you should do it. The human brain can only take so much. Your body, including your brain most especially, has constraints. It has its own mechanisms in telling you that it needs to recharge. You must listen to this.

When you think that you go on circles and cannot seem to move forward, then it doesn’t hurt to close your eyes for a while. Perhaps, you can even take a walk and keep your mind off the planning, especially on scouting for favor ideas. If you want, you can even watch a movie or read a book. These will help you regain some of your creative juices.

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Refer to your Wedding Theme

When you feel like “thinking” again, then the first thing that you have to remember in deciding on favor ideas is your wedding theme. If you are into a garden wedding, for instance, then you can toy around flowers, flower-shaped candles and other cute garden items. You can always make use of the internet for things that would relate to your chosen wedding motif.

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Make a Survey

No, you don’t have to really create a questionnaire, subject it to sophisticated statistical treatment and standardize it before you can run it. You simply have to make use of your friends and other close acquaintances to help you come up with great favor ideas. You’d be surprised to know that they too have unique items on their list, in preparation perhaps for their own weddings.

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Hire a Wedding Planner

Well, if all things fail, then you don’t really have to force yourself to produce those unique favor ideas. This is the time when you have to consider hiring “outside help.” After all, “you cannot see how thick the fog is when you’re inside it.” Wedding planners can surely help bring in fresh favor ideas.

Coming up with great favor ideas may look easy — but it may not always be so in reality. The human brain requires you to have a fresh, open and happy perspective for you to be truly proud of the wedding favor ideas that you have thought of. When the brain is stressed or anxious, creativity oftentimes eludes you.

It is therefore important that even while still planning your wedding, you’ve already learned to relax and not be too controlling about it. Once you’ve done this, handling the stress and anxiety during your actual wedding day would only seem like a mosquito bite.

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However way you spell them: wedding favors or wedding favours, these little keepsakes would really mean much to your guests. Therefore, make sure that you have the freshest favor ideas. Visit and be awed with some fabulous finds!

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