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Bridesmaid Bible: Knowing the Essentials of the Bridesmaid Role and Bridesmaid Dresses

The role of the bridesmaid has evolved through the years. In the olden times, their responsibilities could go to the extremes, of fending off evil spirits that are present during the wedding. These ill-mannered spirits are said to be administering hexes on the couple. Today, bridesmaid roles no longer have to turn into such a life-threatening twist. They simply have to don on their bridesmaid dresses and bear witness to the ceremony.

Bridesmaid dress

Know what’s expected of you

To become the best bridesmaid, you must know the nitty-gritty of your role. The couple did not spend money on bridesmaid dresses just so you can stand there and do nothing. If nobody has oriented you of your exact role yet, then ask around. Ask your friends or research the Internet perhaps.

Your usual roles include witnessing the ceremony, helping the bride on some minor errands and providing her with whatever support that she needs. While the maid of honor normally does all these stuff, it doesn’t hurt to give out a hand. After all, these are what your bridesmaid dresses are for.

Maid of honor dress

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Dress for the Occasion

There are times when the couple is really out of budget. When you happen to be chosen as one of their bridesmaids, have the heart to spend a little. You can even take it upon yourself to personally spend for your bridesmaid dress. There are a number of inexpensive bridesmaid dresses that you can choose from.

So that your pocket would not feel the pressure, why don’t you choose a dress that can be used for other dressy occasions? This way, you are hitting two birds with one stone. Of course, being a bridesmaid, you have an excuse to buy a new dress! Just remember to keep it simple though. Go with the wedding motif and try not to be out of place.


Simple bridesmaid dresses can be made more appealing and more fabulous if you take on your creative hat and use accessories. If the couple can provide you with the said accessories, the better. Otherwise, you can always shop for inexpensive bridesmaid jewelry. There are also various online bridal shops that cater to this kind of product.

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Do your part

There’s nothing more responsible — and more gratifying to the couple — than by keeping your end of the bargain. As they have provided the bridesmaid dresses, then it’s on you to carry out the role. Usher the guests, provide customer service and take care of the tiny little tasks that need immediate attention. While these responsibilities would be very minute, still, you are taking some weight off the bride’s shoulders.

Being a bridesmaid is no ordinary role. Some people get anxious walking down the aisle with a lot of watchful eyes on them. The pressure becomes more pronounced because they are wearing bridesmaid dresses and wearing high heels.

Therefore, to appease yourself, it’s important that you know what’s expected of you when you take on that role. This is perhaps the best way that you can repay the couple for spending on those fabulous bridesmaid dresses.

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