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What is a Wedding Dress Modesty Piece?

What is a Wedding Dress Modesty Piece

If you have been shopping for a wedding dress online, you may have noticed that some dresses come with optional modesty pieces. Since these are not commonly shown in a photograph, brides may not know what they are. The modesty piece and other options can be used to cover up or secure a low neckline.

A modesty piece is a piece of fabric that is sewn into the middle of the neckline to make it less revealing. The modesty piece is most commonly used for a dress with a V-neck. The V-neck may be lower than the bride would like. The modesty piece adjusts the neckline.

Modesty pieces are made from material to match the wedding dress. A modesty piece can have matching embellishments so that it blends in with the rest of the dress. The modesty piece is sewn into the dress, so the bride does not need to worry about the fabric shifting or falling.

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Not all modesty pieces are used for the neckline. If the dress has a corset back, the bottom of the corset might have a modesty piece behind it. This is especially true if the corset opening goes down low. Without the modesty piece, the bride’s underwear may be visible through the lacing if the corset continues below the waist.

A modesty piece for a corset back may cover the skin behind the lacing whether the corset ends at the waist or continues lower. Some women prefer to remove the modesty piece behind the corset lacing. This is a personal choice. The bride should just check to make sure she is comfortable with how much skin will show and how low the corset falls.

Dresses may have other options like spaghetti straps. If a bride has a strapless gown that does not have a V-neck but shows too much cleavage for her comfort, some seamstresses will add a small modesty piece with straps. If a hem is planned, the seamstress may be able to use some of the material from the bottom of the skirt to create the modesty piece and straps if the entire dress is the same material.

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In addition to modesty pieces, brides may use other covers to reveal less skin. Capelets and capes can cover the shoulders to below the neckline. A wedding capelet is often designed as a sheer panel with lace or embellishments that covers the shoulders and ends above the waist. Some are very short, covering the shoulders and chest to the neckline. Others are longer and may cover the arms down to the forearm. A capelet often does not have an opening in the front like many capes have.

Other types of wraps include faux fur stoles, wraps, shawls, or even sweaters. The bride should feel both comfortable and beautiful. With so many options, she does not have to spend her special day feeling uneasy about how revealing her wedding dress is.

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Brides can feel overwhelmed when choosing a wedding dress and the various options. For helpful tips, visit the Best for Bride blog.

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  1. Ah! Thank you for making that clear. Now I can find a dress and not have to worry about the neckline if that is the only thing I am not keen about.

  2. I was noticing that about dresses online. I do not think I am going to go for that.

  3. Now that makes sense. It looks like it would also be a way that you can customize your dress.

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