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Making Your Day More Special With Color Wedding Invitations

Did you know that a growing number of brides are choosing to use color wedding invitations in order to invite guests to their weddings? In the past, the color choices for wedding invitations were quite limited, with most being available in only white or in various shades of ecru or beige. If a bride wanted to add a little color to her invitations or to make her invitations unique, her only option was to have the invitation wording written in a special font color – but, even those options were limited. For brides that really want to make an impression with their invitations and want to show off their personal sense of style and taste, color wedding invitations are the perfect answer.

Why Choose Color Wedding Invitations?

Aside from the fact that color wedding invitations help couples create a unique look for their special day, there are several additional benefits to choosing to use color wedding invitations rather than more traditional colors. One of these benefits revolves around color coordination.

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Almost every bride puts a great deal of thought and effort into deciding the colors she will use at her wedding. After these colors have been decided, using color wedding invitations is the perfect way to coordinate the entire event – starting with the invitations and ending with the thank you cards sent after the reception and honeymoon are complete.

Color invitations also allows the trendy bride to display her personal sense of style and taste. At the same time, if the wedding ceremony and reception will revolve around a specific theme, choosing color wedding invitations can help get guests in the right mood for the theme. Planning a Christmas wedding? Red and green color wedding invitations can be the perfect choice. Having a Valentine’s Day wedding? Pink, red and white color wedding invitations can be a great option. Perhaps you are having a Fall wedding – in this case, orange, yellow and brown color wedding invitations can really get your guests in the right mood.

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What About Etiquette?

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The beautiful part about using color wedding invitations is that there are no etiquette rules that say you cannot! In fact, the fairly limited colors used in traditional wedding invitations is related more to lack of supply and demand than it is to trying to maintain proper etiquette. With a growing number of brides demanding color wedding invitations, however, the list of available colors is also expanding. So, when it comes time to choose the invitations for your special day, don’t restrict yourself to the basics – show off your personality with color wedding invitations.

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