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Trends in Wedding Favors

Wedding favors are an age old tradition of offering small gifts as a gesture of appreciation to guests at your wedding. Over the years the styles and types of wedding favors have changed and it’s become increasingly difficult to keep up with what’s ‘in’ and what isn’t. It is important to note that although favor trends come and go you should always aim to personalise the gifts. If you have received wedding favors before you may have found that they aren’t always particularly useful and sometimes just end up as drawer fillers at home. For your own wedding day you’re going to want something that they’ll keep as a memento, that is why personalisation is great. Jonathan Goodyear who has worked for a number of wedding planners in Johannesburg says that “don’t look for just another generic gift; look for something that relates to you and the style of the wedding- a little something to remember it by” so bear this in mind when you’re searching for your favors.

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In their earlier days, wedding favors were given among European aristocrats and the gift was usually sugar cubes in trinket boxes. Back then sugar represented wealth and was much more costly than today. This wouldn’t go down too well with your guests in a modern setting but a sugar filled treat will. Chocolates, cakes, and other sweets will always win people over and can easily be customized to match your wedding style and personality. They are a timeless gift that can be enjoyed by anyone.

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If you’re looking for a gift that is a little more long term than something like chocolates then succulents are 2013s newest trend. These plants have thicker, fleshier parts than normal meaning that they can better retain water making them very easy to care for. So how can they be personalized? You can swap and match their containers as you choose, or maybe even purchase containers with the individual names of your guests or something unique on each one. The choice is yours. These wonderful gifts will be able to be enjoyed by anyone and won’t find their way into the bin.

This one is a little unusual, but if you’re looking for a unique favor it might be for you. Blankets, throws and pashminas will be a welcome gift for your guests, especially if the wedding is on a cold winter’s day. Conversely if it’s a hot summer’s day, present your guests with fans to keep them cool. To personalize why not try having the bride and grooms initials embroidered onto the blanket, or put onto the fan? This is another gift that can be used time and time again, long after the wedding is over.

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On your wedding day give a little something to someone or somewhere that needs it most. You can choose a charity that is closest to your heart and give favors that are symbols of that charity. Many different charities offer different types of favors for a donation, so check what your preferred charity has to offer.

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These are just some routes you could go down when choosing your wedding favour, but there are no rules. Try and keep it unique and personal, something you would like to receive on a wedding day and make sure it reflects your wedding!

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  1. It is nice to go in a simple and not expensive favors, important is from the hearth and a lasting souvenirs.

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