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Don’ts of Wedding Cakes

You spend hours upon hours poring over wedding cakes to find the perfect one. You probably spend hundreds of dollars on your wedding cake because you want the best that your money can buy. In other words, you must protect your wedding cakes because you poured so much effort, time, thought and money on it! Here then are the don’ts of wedding cakes to help you protect it from disaster.

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Don’t Order it Hurriedly

Wedding cakes are not made overnight especially when these are custom-made to fit your wedding motif. You have to order at least 3 months in advance to allow the baker to assemble it. Well, if you want a very simple cake that comes off the bakery shelf, well then, go ahead. It’s your cake, anyway, and you have to eat it, too.

Don’t Let it Stay in the Sun

Too long or too short – it does not matter. Your wedding cake is not designed to withstand heat especially when it is made of butter cream icing. Always place it in the shade preferably in the coolest area of the reception venue since you want it to hold its shape.

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Don’t Expose it to the Wind

If you have a beach wedding, it is best to provide protective netting around your wedding cake. This way, bugs, insects, seagulls, birds, windblown debris and even the wind cannot take a shot at it before you and guests have enjoyed its sumptuousness.

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Don’t Let It Tip

This one is a no-brainer. Most wedding cakes are designed to be placed on a flat and level surface. You have to ensure that whatever platform your wedding cake is on, it must be level; otherwise, you can say goodbye to edible cake and hello to critters.

Don’t Let It Alone

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This does not mean that you have to watch it like a hawk, hence, preventing you from enjoying your wedding day. However, you can assign a catering staff to watch it like a hawk for you. This is especially true when there are invited children in the reception, not to mention the young members of the wedding entourage. Wedding cakes, after all, present an irresistible challenge for children much like how they can’t resist dipping their hands in a birthday cake.

Don’t Place It in the Center of the Room

Sure, wedding cakes are meant to be displayed prominently. After all, these are the highlight of the menus! However, this can be the disastrous beginning of the end of your wedding cake’s beautiful existence. Think of the many people who can tip it over with a single accidental bump, not to mention the children boisterously running around. Instead, place it a location where there is lesser traffic but can still be seen my most of the guests.

Don’t Shove It in Each Other’s Face

Sure, it looks cute but it is messy, this shoving-of-the-cake-in-each-other’s-face stuff. You will end up with stains on your wedding dress, a ruined makeup, a food fight and not-so-funny memories especially when you are fighting. Besides, there’s a proper place for a food fight and it’s called the high school cafeteria.

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Just remember these don’ts of your wedding cake and you can have your cake and eat it, too! is one of the best bridal shops in Mississauga that offers cheap wedding dresses and wedding cakes that will fit your every wish.

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