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5 questions to ask yourself when planning an outdoor wedding

There is an unmatched thrill associated with an outdoor wedding. Unlike indoor weddings which are mostly predictable, an outdoor wedding keeps the excitement alive as there are many options to make it unique. Nevertheless, it is also equally challenging to plan a successful outdoor wedding, as you have to account for many extra factors when your wedding is to take place in a natural background.


Before you decide that you want an outdoor wedding, here are the questions you should ask yourself to help you understand whether you can pull it off.

Do you have a Plan B?

As romantic as getting married under a cloudless blue sky may sound, remember that Mother Nature may decide to throw up a challenge when you least expect it. You never know when the weather can give you a nasty surprise, and should be prepared for sudden showers in spring, snow in winter and temperatures that soar up or fall. As wedding planner Hariette Rose Kuz mentions on the Huffington Post, always have a backup plan, should this occur. You would have an alternate indoor venue in mind, should you have to move at the last minute.

Have you considered access to the location?

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If the location is up a hill or in the middle of a huge open field, consider how your guests can get there. This is even more relevant if there are elderly guests who may find it difficult to walk the long route or drive so far. Consider whether you can arrange alternate transportation to make their commute to the site and back easier. If it is impossible, you may be better off looking elsewhere.

Will you be extra stressed thinking of unexpected weather?

Not all brides are cut out to take what comes with a smile. Are you the type of girl who feels disturbed when plans fail due to unforeseen circumstances? Or do you just take whatever happens in your stride? If you are the latter, an outdoor wedding shouldn’t be too stressful. But, if you are the anxious type, you do not want to spend the days leading up to the wedding poring over weather forecasts and worrying whether you will have to ditch your plans at the last minute.


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Have you considered the additional costs?

An outdoor wedding means extra charges for tents, transportation and outdoor toilet rentals. This may add extra thousands to your wedding budget. You should also consider the charges for air-conditioning or fans in tents to keep your guests cool and the flowers from wilting. There may also be extra charges for using the site or permits to be taken. Add all these to the wedding budget when accounting for the cost of venue.

Did you know that not all wedding dresses are good for the outdoors?

Yes, an outdoor wedding isn’t really suitable for a wedding gown with a long train. In fact, you will have to consider light breezy fabrics and shorter hemlines, to be comfortable and for the dress to remain clean. This doesn’t mean you have to compromise on style, as there are plenty of options out there. But, if you always dreamed of wearing an elaborate gown with a heavily layered skirt, you may have to drop the idea of an outdoor wedding.

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  1. Plan B. Of course, that should be the first thing on your list when planning an outdoor wedding.

  2. I would hope that if you are planning your wedding at a location outside, you would already know you have access or not.

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