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8 Modern Wedding Dress Features to Inspire the Contemporary Bride

Weddings are a routine affair now, and a white wedding dress is the expected norm at most weddings. There are so many splendid wedding dress choices in this serene colour, and more ideas are evolving by the hour. So, why should a bride be tempted to look elsewhere when choosing a dress for the most special day in her life?

While white may be the typical choice, this doesn’t mean there is any shortage of exciting options in white waiting to be discovered. So, if you want something unusual and exciting, albeit in pristine white, to wear on your wedding day, you are in luck. Today, we will look at some exciting wedding dress styles to inspire you and give you more variety than the regulars on the wedding scene.

Romantic tea-length gown

Anything that ends above the ankles is immediately interesting in a wedding scene. As brides have forever been associated with long, traditional wedding gowns that extend into long overflowing trains, a short wedding dress is unexpected and hence, refreshing. The best thing is that you do not have to go too short, as tea-length dresses are versatile and suit many wedding themes. They can help a bride stand out from the wedding party and guests.

This tea-length wedding dress is a romantic stunner that has all the elements expected in a wedding gown except for the length. The mix of satin and net ends in a beautiful scalloped hemline with floral motifs spanning it. The layered A-line skirt is a perfect way to show off a tiny waist, and the sweetheart neckline adds a romantic touch. Simple but stylish, this is the perfect dress for a vintage-style or casual wedding. We can also see many brides, with their hearts set on a garden wedding fall in love with this alluring beauty. You should certainly consider this pattern if you would like to look young and dashing on your wedding day.

Empire bodice with narrow draped skirt

The empire-style waistline is usually expected to flow into a billowing skirt or at least one that flows away from the waist and hips. This is why this style has always been favoured by those with a heavier waist and to camouflage thinner hips. However, the empire style would be just as attractive and more suitable for brides with just the right amount of curves when paired with a narrow and snug-fitting silhouette. This would, in fact be a glamorous and sexy dress style in this case.

This gown is the perfect example of the style we just discussed. The sequined bodice has a dramatic empire waistline fashioned in a draped design, with a stunning beaded applique in the center. From here, the A-line skirt falls to floor length and features a side-front split. It is a gown that has enough going on to be a surprise. Nevertheless, it also features a chapel-length train and a lace-up corset back, adding an even more beautiful finish.

Full-length illusion sleeves over sweetheart bodice

We have seen enough gowns with sweetheart bodices and an almost equal number with full-length sleeves. While the former style is a wedding staple for brides who do not mind exposing their decolletage and shoulders, the latter is usually chosen by brides who strive for the exact opposite. However, it isn’t every day that we see these two wedding dress features come together to create a sophisticated combination like we will just see.

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Here is a gown that combines both the dress features we discussed earlier. A dress artistically created with ample draping in the bodice and skirt with a classic sweetheart neckline. However, the addition of illusion sleeves of full length gives it an unexpected twist, adding extra appeal to this dress. The sheer sleeves are adorned with specs of lace along the length, which are very dramatic. The back of this dress is equally stunning, with the illusion sleeves closing in a keyhole design. It has also been embellished with crystals and rhinestones to create a sparkling effect.

Tip: If you like the idea of adding sleeves to any other sweetheart gown for a similar effect, you can easily have this done by a talented seamstress by using extra fabric. You can also achieve the same effect by pairing your gown with a full-sleeve bolero or jacket fashioned in the same style as seen in this gown. This allows you to have a full-sleeve gown to cover up your arms, even while you can keep the sweetheart gown that you have your heart set on.

Off-the-shoulder neckline and long sleeves

The off-the-shoulder neckline is a style statement that is very sexy and hence chosen by many brides today. However, we usually see it paired with thin shoulder straps or cap-sleeves. Seldom is it seen with long sleeves? When it is, the effect is very attractive and almost has a vintage style associated with it. So, when lace is also included in the design, it is time to end your search for the best vintage gown. Check it out.

Here, the off-the-shoulder neckline is combined with elbow-length sleeves for a contemporary take on a classic feature. This A-line dress also has elaborate lace work all over its length and scalloped details bordering the neckline and hemline. A sweetheart bodice plays peek-a-boo from beneath the lace layer while crystal beading accents the lace motifs making it elegant and classic. Think of this gown as a choice that will be appreciated by the older generation, even while it is glamorous but very comfortable.

Plunging sweetheart neckline with illusion halter yoke

Plunging necklines are not for the faint-hearted, as they are a sexy element with many risks. However, if you are a bold but practical bride, the illusion style neckline clubbed with the plunging bit can come to your rescue in the form of a modesty piece. We think plunging necklines are statement pieces by themselves, that a bride doesn’t need much more to make a dramatic statement. Look at this dress here.

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This gown features a plunging sweetheart neckline, but in a safe manner that will support the bride’s bust. It has a barely-there sheer yoke fashioned in a halter style, so the bodice is supported and held up in position without effort. The illusion neckline is adorned with crystal beading that resembles a necklace. This eliminates the need for an additional neckpiece. Plunging necklines are usually paired with spaghetti straps, but this illusion-style pairing defeats that any day. The entire dress has a single satin finish, with a full godet skirt. The absence of other embellishments besides the necklace adds to its sophistication and style. The back is equally captivating, with the illusion neckline continuing into a band of encrusted crystal details that culminates in a low-cut V shape.

Sheath dress with A-line overskirt

Sheath dresses are an excellent choice for brides who want to create the illusion of curves. However, they do not have the flare or layers that make it as dramatic as a ball gown or layered skirt. So, it may be figure-flattering for many brides, but it is not always the first choice. However, the sheath dress’s simple silhouette can be elevated with a detachable over-skirt. The result is as good as having two wedding dresses at a single price. So, if you want a different look for the ceremony and the reception, you can have it with this option. Take a look at this dress to see what we are talking about.

The strapless sweetheart sheath has been accented with lace appliques throughout the length, which is employed in a beautiful shadow box effect. The waistline is highlighted with a waistband of ornate crystal beading. Brides can choose to wear this dress with or without the misty A-line overskirt, depending on the effect they seek to achieve. The back features a corset that fits perfectly to the body’s curves. This dress can also be used with halter or spaghetti straps for a novel effect. All these versatile features allow you to choose the perfect style for your overall look.

Fluttering sleeves with an A-line dress

A simple A-line wedding dress with no other features that stand out can instantly be updated with fluttering lace sleeves. This wispy sleeve style can add plenty of feminine appeal to any wedding gown, and it is perfect if you seek a simple enchanting element that can alter your entire look. Another good thing about these sleeves is that they add the required coverage and support while not looking too modest if you do not want to be drowned in layers of fabric.

Dropped draped waist

Not all brides have the ideal figure to carry off a dropped waistline. It is usually the penchant of those brides with a perfect hourglass figure or a slender waist. The dropped waist is not a style that flatters tall brides, as it further elongates the torso. So, this is not a regular on the wedding scene. So, when it appears, it is a welcome change and one that is remarkable. While dropped waists can be done in various ways, draped waists are striking. See what we mean here.

The F161054 is a dress from the Jasmine wedding collection, and features the dropped waist feature. Here, a sweetheart bodice is accented with crisp, draped details that end in a dropped waist on one side. Further the effect of the dropped waist is enhanced with additional styling using a sheer V-neckline with just the right amount of embellishments. The fact that this combination is attached to an A-line skirt makes it a simple silhouette that is both elegant and endearing. The drama of the entire dress extends to the back, where the illusion V-neckline is replicated, and is encrusted with necklace like details in concentric curves towards the central zipper. This is a classic beauty that is perfect for weddings held in houses of worship. It is also comfortable to wear and not too revealing.

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Of the various styles we just discussed, which do you think is your favorite? Also tell us whether you would like to go for a dress with just one or two factors that wow, like we saw here? Or would you prefer a dress that is elaborate and full of details in every way.

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  1. I kind of like the full length sleeve with the over neckline. that design has always caught my eye!

  2. The narrow draped skirt in the 2nd image is really nice. I like how it hugs the body and then just explodes near the bottom. Very elegant design!

    1. I like that too, but wouldn’t you like to go with the trending options like vintage?

  3. I love the dress designs from today. People I talk to think about vintage all the time, but the modern dress designs are just as elegant if you ask me.

    1. I always hear vintage too. Not as big of fan.

  4. I feel that a lot of the designs here are actually similar to old school ones. There is a modern “flare”, but as I look at a few of them, I can tell the overall design is coming from another.

  5. Off the shoulder necklines with a long sleeve design is a pretty neat idea. I have never seen that combination before. I really like how that looks!

    1. I am with you!

  6. So the dresses that are just to the knee are considered “tea dresses”. That is a good thing to know when trying to search for a wedding dress design.

    1. You didn’t know that?

  7. My sister is going to be married and she always liked the off the shoulder look. Adding the lace sleeves is a nice touch as well.

  8. At first I was going to say that I didn’t really like the “tea” legnth option, but now that I look closer at it, I really like the design.

  9. Modern bride is right. So many people love the vintage look for a wedding dress, but I want something that fits into our time period.

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