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Tips in Finding the Perfect Evening Dresses For Wedding Celebrations

A friend, a family member, a colleague or an acquaintance’s wedding reception is coming up. The wedding invitation reads “formal”, you panic, browsing through your closet. Then you realize you have nothing decent enough to wear for the wedding. So you head to the department store, in hopes of finding the perfect evening dress among the racks and racks of evening dresses. You sort through the seemingly endless rows of evening dresses and you are left even more confused than ever. You look around, looking for a sales lady to at least help you with your feat. You found one. However, you greatly doubt her taste with the various evening dresses she brings to you.


Then you realize, you should have sought the advice of professionals – be it through watching television shows, leafing through magazines, or by surfing the internet. These tiny advices might have done something to help you in your current situation.

So, here are a few essential tips in finding the perfect evening dresses for wedding celebrations. Do note that the best judge for an evening dress is you. If it is comfortable and classy, then grab it for yourself.

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1. Stay away from pastel shades. There is a very valid reason behind this tip. Most bridesmaid dresses are within the spectrum of pastel shades. You would not want to end up wearing the exact same shade as the bridesmaid dresses, would you? It is a lot better to be safe that it is to be embarrassed.


2. Do not overdo it on the embellishments. It is a wedding you are attending, not the Oscars. Nor is it a haute couture fashion show in Milan. Here is a good tip, girl. Ease up on the bows, satin, beads, sequins and feathers. It is safer that way. Safer for you as well as for the rest of the wedding guests.

3. Never ever wear white. Unless you are mentally incapable of understanding that it is a wedding, that is. Why on earth would you want to take the spotlight off the bride’s wedding dress by wearing a white evening dress? Wedding dresses equates to white. You’re the guest, not the bride, so stay away from white.

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4. Do not choose slinky, sexy evening dresses. Do not don a clingy, showy dress to a wedding. Especially if it is a church wedding. The reason behind it is simple. You, as a guest, ought to show your hosts a bit of respect. Give them the deference that they deserve.

5. Dress appropriately. There is a difference between long, formal wedding dresses and cocktail dresses. Cocktail dresses have a more casual feel. It is suitable for casual wedding receptions. Evening dresses are for more lavish, formal weddings. Know which evening dresses to choose on what type of wedding.

6. Choose an evening dress that would best suit your body shape, skin tone, height and personality. It is important for you to know those aspects so that you will be comfortable wearing your evening dress during the wedding reception.

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  1. Thank you for these advice, all I need is to choose a dress that best suits in my shape, size, color and personality. it’s important that you we the way to make us feel comfortable wearing our dress for the a wedding celebration.

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