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Planning A Truly Unforgettable Wedding

Your wedding day is something you look forward to for years and as such, when it comes time to plan you don’t want to hold back. The goal is to make all of your wedding day dreams come true and the best way to do that is by planning a truly unforgettable wedding.

Often the first impression your guests have of your wedding comes from the invitations so this is where you want to start making the day unforgettable. The first thing your invitations will do is set the tone for your wedding in advance so that your guests know what to expect. This can be the first step in getting them as excited about your wedding as you are.

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A crucial part of the wedding planning process is making sure your reception will be enjoyed equally by you and your guests. One of the biggest factors in a successful wedding reception is the entertainment provided. Going all out to hire the best DJ to perform at your wedding is usually a good way to ensure that everyone has a desire to participate. Sparing no expenses when it comes to the entertainment will pay off on your big day. You want the best possible DJ money can buy and that means you have to hold your chosen DJ to some very high standards.

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Your wedding day will only be as happy as the people who are attending it. For a truly unforgettable wedding your best bet is to limit your guest list only to people who will be as over the moon as you are on your wedding day. This includes people who might only show up out of obligation or to take advantage of the free meal and open bar. These are not the type of people you want at your wedding. It is better to save the money you would have spent on guests you don’t really want at the wedding and spend that money on say, the food, wine or cake instead.

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Speaking of the cake, going all out with it can also contribute to an unforgettable wedding. Remember, each of your guests will be taking home a piece of the cake, so the larger and more luscious your wedding cake is the more it will cement your wedding in everyone’s heads as one of the most unforgettable they have ever been to. The key to making your cake memorable is to personalize it so it represents you and your fiancé as a couple. Adding a personal touch to it will delight your guests as well as your groom.

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When you send your guests home at the end of the day you will want them to take with them some amazing favors. Anybody can send their guests home with a pen or a keychain. To send your guests off with something unique a mini plant or the promise they will donate to your favorite charity makes your wedding day even more memorable.

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