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4 Hen Night Horror Stories

So the big day is close and you’re looking forward to your memorable girls’ night out. You’ve imagined this party as the best one of your life, celebrating the fact that you are no longer a single lady- you’re getting married and about to start a whole new life. And so the last thing you need is a bridal party in hospital, or fights amongst friends. Read about some of the scarier stories of hen parties gone bad, and how you can avoid the same fate…

Tongue-tied hens

Your hen party will probably bring together friends, family, colleagues, and friends-of-friends you’ve met along the way. You can’t wait to have all those important (and not-so-important) people united in one room to party hard. But. Many of them have never met before, and they have no idea of what to talk about. The tension in the room is palpable, and everyone behaves awkwardly. It’s a disaster.

What to do? Try breaking the ice with some games. True love’s first kiss is great to play– each hen needs to describe her first kiss with her true love, and tell the group what made it special. ‘Mr and Mrs’ is also perfect, because the bride needs to do most of the talking. The Maid of Honour asks 50 questions to the groom beforehand, and tests the bride as to how well she knows him in front of her bridal party. No telling the groom how many she got wrong, though!

60% hen no-shows

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It’s only two sleeps until the wild party when suddenly you start receiving phone calls from very apologetic friends and colleagues saying they ‘can’t make it, but you girls have a great time!’ By the time you get to the party you know it’s only going to be only you, the Maid of Honour, and your female relatives. The crazy night you were longing for is transformed into a family dinner.

How can you avoid this fiasco? Before organising anything, phone up all your guests and suggest some ideas for the party mentioning the prices and, of course, the date. If your Maid of Honour is throwing a surprise party for you, make sure that she speaks to all invitees before making any bookings. Don’t be shy about collecting deposits to confirm numbers.

Hens stuck in hospital

You are having a wicked time – all your hens are on the dance floor and you are laughing with your mum on the sofa about that silly dance move. Except, when you turn round your high school best friend is lying on the ground- you pile in a cab to the hospital and spend hours waiting in those white scary corridors. What a nightmare.

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Don’t panic. It won’t happen to you if you follow these two essential tips. Make sure that the restaurant you book has excellent reviews and that someone you know has been there before (and didn’t get sick). You will also want to kindly ask the bar tender (who will receive a fabulous tip) to stop serving alcohol to the hens that seem already well on the way to drunk-land. Food and drink are the biggest ‘killers’ when it comes to overindulgence, so just be smart.

Hen fight

The hen party is a great success. You can hear the sound of laughter in the corner, and cheerful shouts across the room. But… hang on a moment. Was that angry voice coming from your good friend Jo? ‘What did you just say?!’ you hear her screaming before she pulls the hair of your workmate Anne. Help! There is a girl fight right in the middle of your living room.

How to avoid this mess? Make sure you don’t invite girls who share an ex, especially if you are playing truth or dare while having drinks. It is also important to check that all the girls are happy with the party activities– if they aren’t, they might tease the Maid of Honour during the night. And given all the pressure she is under, she might overreact.

Whatever happens on the night, try to remember that everyone has come together for you. You are loved, and your hens only want to the best for you. It’ll be great!

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This post was penned by Elena Manighetti for Polestars– the hen party experts who have something for every hen, from dance classes and cocktail workshops to professional photoshoots.

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