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Wedding Entertainment – Five alternative wedding entertainment ideas

alternative wedding entertainment ideas

Wedding entertainment is great – that should be the case, but all too often many newlyweds overlook the true importance of wedding entertainment, often opting for a cheap DJ and a semi-professional singer. To really wow your wedding guests you need to offer entertainment that will actually entertain. Here are five great ways to truly entertain your guests:

Hire a fairground

This may sound like a very extravagant wedding entertainment option but this is really not the case. Fairground companies are now offering married couples to-be the opportunity to rent out dodgems, helter-skelters and carousels. Hiring out a fairground is now an affordable way to give your guests a fun day and what better way to celebrate your first day of marriage than a ride on the dodgems. Hiring a selection of fairground attractions for your big day can now cost as little as

Invite some look-alikes

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Why not make your wedding a star-studded affair by inviting some A-list celebrities. Ok, they may not be actual celebrities, but you can now hire out some seriously realistic look-alikes for your wedding day. Many look-alike agencies now exist enabling you to invite the likes of Brad Pitt, David Beckham and Britney Spears to your weddings. Hiring look-alikes will give your guests the chance to pose for pictures with their favourite celebs and definitely provide a few giggles. Look-alikes don’t come cheaply, renting out a David Beckham look-alike will set you back £645.

Hire a professional DJ

Ok, I may have previously mentioned DJ entertainment as quite weak, but there is a difference between hiring the local DJ and hiring a professional wedding DJ services. A professional DJ will ensure you have a musical playlist in accordance with your musical tastes and provide lighting and other disco equipment that will be sure to get your guests up and dancing. When looking for a wedding DJ look at their previous experience and look for testimonials from previous couples who have used their services.

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Hire a caricature artist

Why not employ the services of a caricature artist, they can mingle amongst your guests during pre-dinner drinks and create some really funky pictures that will be sure to create some laughs. Why not get the guests portraits framed by workers from your venue and hand the portrait out before the guests leave (possibly with a piece of cake). This way your wedding will live on in the memories of those who attended the ceremony.

Create a casino

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For many years now couples have been hiring “fun casinos” to bring a bit of edge to their wedding day. Fun casinos enable guests to experience the real casino feel, but not lose any money (you can offer prizes out to your guests if you wish). Casinos are a great source of entertainment for your wedding; combine a casino with a professional DJ and a James Bond look-alike you are guaranteed to have a wedding that your guests will remember.

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